The Money Answer Book – Dave Ramsey

The Money Answer Book
** Boundaries by Dr Henry Cloud.

If you want to invest in real estate start slowly. Real estate is a good plan only with money lying around so you don’t get into trouble. The real estate investors I know who are still around after 20 years did it with mostly cash. Investing with cash takes longer, but you don’t wind up broke and bankrupt. Study and read while you pile up cash, and then buy your fist property at a serious bargain.

The difference between saving and investing is that savings accounts are for money that you would like to use in the next five years.  If you are willing to leave money alone for more than 5 years then you can begin investing.


Patience is better than strength.  Controlling your temper is better than conquering a city.  – Proverbs 10:32


Four tips on buying a vehicle:

–          Only buy a new car if you are very rich.

–          Only drive a car that has taken its big hit in terms of depreciation ( at least 2 years old ) and pay cash for it.

–          If you currently have a car payment and you cant pay it off in 18 months, then you need to sell off the car and pay the debt.

–          Cars, trucks, and motorcycles should not have a TOTAL value that exceeds half of your annual income.