Rapid Niche Profits

The first requirement I have when selecting a niche to target is it must have a bare minimum of 100 exact match, global, monthly searches according to the Google keyword tool.

hovering your cursor over “Medium” (in this case) causes a number to appear. The higher that number, the more relevant Google ads there are available to show on a site in that niche that runs Google adsense.

It’s very simple. Find the Google Toolbar PageRank of each of the top 10 competitors for the keyword you’re researching, add them all up and divide them by 10. If the final number is below 2.5 then there is a good chance that you can obtain a top 10 ranking with basic, manual backlinking (http://www.deeplinkerpro.com/).

The first thing I do is see if Article Builder (AB) (http://www.RapidNicheProfits.com/AB) has content in the niche the site is targeting.

I don’t have a set standard for this, but adding 3 or 4 articles a month (after the initial 5) to a profitable site is the goal.

http://www.GibsonChina.net for the contact page I use the new “Jet Pack” plugin that WordPress offers for free. It makes it super easy to make contact forms with the click of a button. For the privacy page (I sometimes call it a “Disclaimer” page I generate the content for it at

To do this, click “Links” when logged into WordPress, delete all of the links that are put in there by default. Click “Add New” then click “Add New Category.”

Adsense Ad Unit Placement: There are three spots on the site that I add adsense units to: 1. Directly below the post title and above the post content
2. Directly below the post content
3. Towards the bottom of the sidebar #1 and #2 are always 468×60 ad units and #3 is any horizontal ad unit that fits in the sidebar (each theme has its own sidebar size, so this depends on the theme you’re using.) I always match the background and border of the ad with the background of the theme where the ad will be placed. I use a cool Firefox plugin called “Colorzilla” (http://www.colorzilla.com/) to do this quickly. And I try to match the title with the color of the sidebar etc. links that the theme uses.

These days you need to publish articles with a minimum of 400 words or risk lower rankings and even no rankings.

For years you could use content that was almost 100% duplicate and you could get it to rank easily with some solid link building. Now your content needs to be at least mostly unique (I recommend at least 75% unique)

These days you definitely need to use 4 or 5 (minimum) different variations of your keyword along with some generic phrases like “click here” or “visit this authority site” (for example.)

DeepLinkerPro (http://www.deeplinkerpro.com) for the web directory submissions (DLP will be offering more than just directory submissions in the near future.) It allows me to use varied anchor text and it also allows me to drip feed the submissions over time to make it all look as natural as possible. For the rest I use LexorSoft (http://www.lexorsoft.net) It’s

I recently started using Guest Post Hunter (rapidnicheprofits.com/GPH) for the sites that turn out to be money makers.

http://www.EthicalIM.com (his blog) and entering your name and email towards the top. You’ll receive “Post Panda Article Marketing” free of charge for signing up.

My Rapid Niche Profits techniques are based off of valuable niches that have at least 100 exact match monthly searches per month according to Google and have profit potential.

http://www.KeywordCanine.com/ in combination with the Google Keyword Tool