Miracles Happen – Mary Kay Ash

Miracles Happen - Mary Kay Ash

Sadly, most people live and die with their music still unplayed. They never dare to try. Why? Because the lack of self confidence.  Women, specially, have so much potential they never tap.

I have found that successful people are never afraid to try, because they are never afraid to try.  One of my favorite expressions is “we fail forward to success”.

I believe you can have anything you want in this world, but yes, you do have to pay a price.

Recognition was as vital to me as money. I believed that even if they would not work that hard for money, there were women who would work very hard for recognition.  Because I wanted a company that utilized the best elements of competition, I carefully avoided contests in which there could be only one, two, or three winners. I am convinced that competition is more productive when you are competing with yourself. So at Mary Kay cosmetics, everyone can be a winner!

Symbols should be both pretty and useful.

We use the “Go-Give”principle when we teach our consultants the art of customer relations. We constantly stress that a Consultant must never have dollar signs in her eyes or think “How much can I sell these people today?” Instead she must think “What can I do today so these women will leave feeling better about themselves ? How can I help each woman develop a more positive self image?” We know that if a woman feels pretty on the inside, she becomes prettier on the inside, too. In addition she goes to become a better member of her family and of her community.

Another problem I intended to avoid is when people buy their products but only receive them 2-3 weeks after the purchase.  When I want something I want it now!

Many excellent sales representatives are lost, not because they are dishonest but because they are poor money managers.  May answer was to deal in cash.

We were ready for business, if we didn’t succeed, I knew I would be back working for someone for the rest of my life.

I stress that no matter how successful you are in your career, if you lose your family in the process of attaining that success, then you have failed.  Money is not worth sacrificing your family.

Early risings make an extra day a week. Then I realized that if I got up early six times a week, I’d have a nine day week!

If you are going to waste a day, just waste the living daylights out of it.  But if you are going to work, then work!  One intense hour of work is worth a dreamy day.

The world is full of people that are very quick to dream, but very slow to act.

No matter what you do, or how restricted your time is, you should always make the effort to look  your best. After all, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

If you give somebody a forty cent item in a $1 box with $100 worth of recognition, that is a thousand times more effective than giving a $100 item in the same box with forty cents of recognition!

No matter how much profit a company makes, if it doesn’t enrich the lives of its people, that company has failed.