I can barely take care of myself – Jen Kirkman

I can barely take care of myself


Once we left Starbucks the guy behind me said “Hey we are putting money into the economy and paying taxes that will pay for kid’s public school someday”  Yes! good comeback!

Even if you drive a Prius you are in no way balancing out the carbon footprint that having a kid leaves on this planet.  Having a kid is the worst thing you could do for the environment.

I want to say to these women with kids “Why is it so important for you that I have a kid? Why is it so important for you to spend your time at a party questioning my life choice?”

I think that child free is the new gay. We are the new disenfranchised group. People think we are irresponsible, immoral sluts and that our lifestyle is up for debate.

Idea: “Family decals for cars” but for child free people.

It’s time for the bullying from breeders to stop.  Are children the only thing you guys can talk about? When you are not talking about your own pregnancy, you are talking about how everyone else should be pregnant. Did you forget that you used to have interests and hobbies and opinions about things other than my uterus? We childfree ladies are tired of defending our positions on something that does not need defending.