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How to travel th the wold on $50 a day
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If your rent it $900 per month, that’s $30 per day, which is 60% of the daily budget set out in this book Add in food costs, gas, insurance and cable, and your set expenses are mostly higher than the number you need for a year abroad.  And that’s before you have done anything else with your life.

Round the world tickets:  Oneworld.  It is the RTW pass you can buy.

RTW alternatives:

The best search engines are those with no affiliation with airlines, and those who make their money on advertising, not commissions:

I highly recommend the site or

Get a travel discount card: YHA, youth hostel association.

If you really need your mail while abroad you can sign up to

There are four major hospitality exchange organizations:

When I am looking for a couchsourfing host, I use the following criteria to ensure the host is legitimate:

  • There has to be a picture with the profile.
  • The profile has to be filled out completely.
  • There should be reviews from other users.
  • Though not necessary.  I like when people have been verified by Couchsourfing.

Last minute hotel deals:

House Sitting:


Service Apartments:

If tap water in your part of the world is not drinkable you can use Steripen the best reference website on Asia.

Southwest Asia booking:  There are not many online resources for booking online, however there are three that are worth mentioning.