Elon Musk – Ashlee Vance

Elon Musk - Ashlee Vance

The only thing that makes sense to do is strive for a greater collective enlightenment. Elon Musk.

I really like computer games, but then if I made really great computer games, how much effect would that have on the world, it wouldn’t have a big effect. Even though I have an intrinsic love of video games, I couldn’t bring myself to do that as a career.

That is part of what separates Elon from mere mortals, he is willing to take an insane amount of personal risk. When you do a deal like that, it either pays off or you end up in a bus shelter somewhere.

He vented about this in the factory one night, unaware that Musk stood nearby and could hear everything. Two hours later Mary Beth Brown appeared with an appointment card to see a Lasik eye surgery specialist. When Hollman visited the doctor, he discovered that Musk had already agreed to pay for the surgery. “Elon can be very demanding, but he will make sure the obstacles in your way are removed”
One of my favorite things about Elon is his ability to make enormous decisions very quickly. That is still how it works today.

We are trying to have a really big impact on the space industry. If the rules are such that you can’t make progress, then you have to fight the rules.