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America is a great county if you have money. If you are poor America can be a tough place to live.

Book: See you at the top, by Zig Ziglar.

Dr Fuller said that a life of specialization could easily become a life of obsolescence. And the more specialized you are, the less people you could serve. He thought it was better to be a generalist rather than a specialist. Specialists look at the world from a narrow point of view while generalists see the big picture.

I don’t think being poor makes me any more spiritual. In fact, when I was poor the circumstance actually robbed me of my spirit.

Its hard to have spiritual power when you are unethical or amoral.

For there to be precession, there must be motion in a direction.  People who are sedentary, not moving, or doing the same thing day after day, have little precession.

Since one’s heaven can be another person’s hell, the question is, what creates a person’s heaven or hell?  While there are many possible answers, one answer is happiness… or the lack of it.

So what is your gift? When I am asked about ho to find one’s gift, I simply reply, “If you had all the money in the world, what would you do for the rest of your life? What would make your heart sing?” I also say “One of the reasons a person does not give or use their gift is because they have been trained to go to school and get a job to earn money.  So the question is, What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about money?”

Why do bad things happen to good people? After something is lost, or something bad happens, I often hear people ask that question.  I follow Dr Fuller’s idea that “good and bad are meaningless.” I now know that all things, good or bad, are blessings.  For example, crashing into the ocean gave me life.  Going broke made me rich. Losing my first wife made me a better husband for Kim. Getting fat made me a healthier person today.

The following steps may assist you in finding your spiritual family.  The first step is to ask yourself “What am I willing to give my life to?” The answer to this question may take some soul-searching but the moment you begin to find your answers, you will begin to find your spiritual family.

The second step is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • If money were no object, would I continue to work at my job?
  • If money were no object, would I work at my job for free?
  • If the answers are “no” to the first two questions, then what would you work at forever and for free?
  • If you are not willing to work forever and for free, then the chances are you have not yet found your soul’s purpose for your life.  If there is something else you would rather do, maybe you should do it.

Its difficult to earn more if you have stopped learning and growing.

Whenever you feel fear, it may mean you are approaching the boundary of what you know and what you do not know.  If you backdown or step back, your growing stops because your learning stops.

Don’t work with “corpse-people”. If you are working for a corpse-o-ration, government or business, be careful. There are people who feed on your fear of losing your job and your need of money. Oftentimes these people give you the creeps or heebie-jeebies. That’s your spirit talking, telling you to be aware. If you stay too long, working only for a paycheck, promotion, or retirement, your soul will be long gone.

I found that when I focused on serving others, blessings other than money came to me. Sometimes the blessings came in the form of bad people or disasters, which is how I learned that something good always came from something bad.  Actually, I found I learned more from my disasters than my miracles.

As Warren Buffet often says, “If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money”.

Most of use know that the most dangerous words in business are: “Trust Me”.  When you hear those words grab your purse or wallet and hang on tight.  Others are “I have integrity”, “I am here to help”, “I’m behind you all the way”.

I have always believed that stress is how intelligence works.



Firsts Steps to Wealth – Dani Johnson

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Whatever wealth you think you want or need, getting it requires something I call TEEM: Time, Energy, Effort, and Money.

I somehow felt compelled to reach out to this woman. I wanted to know why she was working at McDonald’s. Initially I imagined it was because she wanted to work, or maybe she was bored in her retirement age and wanted something to get her out of the house. But when I saw her resting after wiping each table, I quickly tossed out those assumptions and decided to start up a conversation. I went over, sat next to her, and said in a soft voice, “Hi.” She smiled at me and said, “Well, hello there, honey.” Her sweet smile and gentle-yet-raspy voice touched my heart. After a few minutes of chitchat, I had to ask a question. “How long have you worked here?” “Oh, for a little while,” she said. “Do you like what you do?” “Well, honey, I am just glad to have a job.” “Really? Why is that?” “Social Security and my husband’s pension just is not enough to live on, so I have to work.” “What? Are you kidding me?” “No, sweetheart. I wish I was.” “If you don’t mind, can I ask you a personal question?” “Sure.” “How old are you?” She sighed and chuckled before saying, “I am eighty-nine and will be ninety next month.” Tears welled up my eyes as I heard this. I was so upset at this injustice! I wanted to tell her to quit her job right then and there so I could support her and her husband financially.

Then the reality set in. I could barely take care of myself, let alone this sweet, elderly couple. Where were their kids and grand kids? Who was letting her work like that? What kind of a family did they have? There I was, twenty years old and looking at my possible future.

Now, back to that shocking information that I had learned briefly before meeting the McDonald’s lady. It was a statistic that 98 percent of the population will end up dead or dead broke by age sixty-five. Let me repeat that: 98 percent of the population will end up dead or dead broke by age sixty-five. Only 2 percent of the population will succeed financially.

As I have travelled around the world I have encountered scenarios similar to the McDonald’s lady’s time and again – people living life by default instead of by design, and working breathlessly hard throughout their lives only to end up broke at the end of their race.

Ninety-eight percent of the people I come across are miserable. They put on a game face to convince themselves and others that everything is okay, but it is not. They are working too hard, they are maxed out on credit cards, their marriages are unhappy, and they do not know how to handle their children. They are filled with regret and confusion and do not know how to fix the situation. They have no clue what the end of their path even looks like, let alone how to get there.

Number one, he said, “If you give me one excuse, I will not work with you.” Since that time – in the twenty-two years of being in business and working with tens of thousands of people from all over the world – I have found that people spend more time creating excuses than they do creating results. They spend more time justifying their failures and mediocrity than they do creating results. It takes so little time to create results, but most people spend more time coming up with excuses instead of creating results. Let me give you the definition of an excuse: a well-planned lie. 

At one point I was in a meeting with a man who was making $500,000 a month. It was a private board meeting with several men who were all making a lot of money, and they were sharing ideas. I thought it was an invitation to share ideas, so I piped up and said, “Hey, listen, I have an idea.” He slammed his hand on the table and said, “You are so stupid.” My blood started to boil, but I kept quiet. “How much money do you make?” he asked. “I am just getting started, sir,” I said. “How much money do I make?” “Half a million dollars a month.” “That is what’s wrong with you 98 Percenters,” he said. “You are so busy trying to size yourself up to my success that you’re missing the opportunity to learn from me. If I pay attention to your ideas, I am going to go broke just like you. If you pay attention to my ideas, you have a chance of making half a million dollars a month.”

How do you want to live? It’s up to you. Do not live your life by default – live it by design.

The media sold us the fantasy that buying is the way to be successful and wealthy. The part they did not tell us, though, was the pain, stress, and emptiness “stuff” brings. Or the money and time it takes to maintain and clean the five-bedroom house with six bathrooms. They didn’t tell us about the burden of debt and the stress it causes on a marriage. There is a lot of pressure that goes along with keeping up with “the Joneses.”

Here is a real easy rule of thumb for success and creating wealth. Find out what everyone else is doing and do the exact opposite. The masses historically are wrong, so go in the other direction.

I have a holistic approach to wealth. True wealth to me is accumulating money without sacrificing your marriage, kids, health, or fun.

I have discovered three things you need to know about money: • How to make it and more of it • How to keep it • How to turn it into your slave.

Money is always looking for a place to go. If you do not direct it, your money will get sucked into department stores, grocery stores, and the Internet. It will be sucked into those companies’ bank accounts instead of remaining in your bank account.

Will you be part of the 98 percent who are dead or broke at age sixty-five? Or part of the 2 percent who are living a wealthy, successful, favored life?

So what is your specialty? Is it gossip? Do you specialize in excuses? Sports stats, collecting fashion magazines, junk food, watching TV, Tweeting? Your specialty is where you spend your time. Unfortunately, 98 percent of the population spends its time specializing in things that don’t lead to wealth or happiness.

When you are an entrepreneur, you get paid for results. You do not get paid for time wasted with unproductive feelings.

Desire always reveals design and destiny. An eagle was designed to soar, and it has the desire to soar. The eagle was perfectly designed for it to soar. It was not designed like a chicken. It doesn’t have the desire to cluck around on the ground with a destiny of being deep-fried. Its destiny is soaring. Is the baby eagle designed with a skill to soar? Absolutely not. The baby eagle has to get on the momma eagle’s back and the momma eagle takes the baby soaring. Then the momma eagle tilts her wings and drops the baby off her back. That baby eagle flutters and, I am sure, has a heart that pumps incredibly fast. It works hard, yet it does not soar. It sinks fast in the air. But have no fear. Momma eagle swoops down, lifts the baby onto her back, and then soars up. She tilts her wings and lets the baby off her back again. She does this repeatedly, day after day, until the baby has the skill to fly.

Ego Keeps You Broke, Ego will render you broke for the rest of your life. Ego says, “That is not me” or “Gosh, I would never do a business like that” or “What would my friends think if I was doing something like that?” Ego says it is everybody else’s fault and takes no responsibility. Ego focuses on everybody else’s failures and not your own. Ego wants somebody else to pay for how you feel and somebody else to admit they were wrong.

Make a commitment to stop hurting people and to be someone who is building people up and creating good relationships. Be a source to other people. Be part of a rare breed of people who is achieving success and wealth while honoring others.

Why is it impossible to succeed without the Law of Forgiveness? Because there is one guarantee in life: We are going to face troubles with other human beings. So to succeed in life, in relationships, or in business, you have to know how to deal with people.

I had that sick feeling that I was supposed to do something I did not want to do. I knew it was the thing I was supposed to do, but I did not like the answer. I had to weigh my ego against my bank account. Desperation was not going to afford me the luxury of spending a year looking for the right business. I wanted desperately to be no longer homeless or a failure. I needed to change my life.

If I had ignored that weight-loss box in the back seat of my car and searched for something else to do, I do not know where I would be today. I am so glad that I was desperate and did not have time to be picky or to “find” my passion. I did what was in front of me, working with excellence and diligence. It was clearly worth it!

Then I had heard a voice say, “If you can be faithful with what I have given to you – Hans and the kids – then I will multiply your efforts.”

I have a question for you. Where is your focus today? When you are sitting at your place of work, whether you own the place or you work for someone else, where is your focus when you are at work? Are you answering personal phone calls? Are you texting? Are you Facebooking? Tweeting? Are you searching the Internet? Are you IM-ing – sending instant messages to – friends and forwarding joke e-mails to your office and personal friends? If you are doing any of those things, your focus is split in many different directions and you are not using the Law of Focus to your benefit. You would be amazed at how much more you can get done in your life when you focus.

The Law of Promotion is not just associated with influence and money, but it does correlate with time. If you waste time, you lose it forever. Time is something you never get back again, and it is more valuable than money. If you’re not faithful with your time, your life spins out of control. Your life gets sucked into destruction. Your life gets trapped in an unproductive cycle that destroys your confidence and eventually leads to depression. However, if you are faithful with your time and if you focus, you will be given more.

It is not always the products and services that make people happy. It is the relationship you have with them that makes them happy about being your client. How they feel about it is more important than the product itself. People are not loyal to the products, they are loyal to the people. If they like you, they will do business with you. If they do not like you, they will do business with somebody else.

If you want to be wealthy, you have to know how to sell. But selling is not about trying to get people to like you or buy your products; it is about building relationships and growing your influence. It is about honoring people around you. It is about making people feel valued. Influence is where sales take place.

It is so easy to influence people. It boils down to this simple thing: Give people what they want. What do people want? Everybody wants to feel special. Every human we pass by every single day wants to feel valued. They want to know they matter to somebody. It is easy to gain influence in another person’s life simply by valuing him or her.

Treat everyone like he or she is a friend. This is a very powerful concept. You are happy to see friends and happy to be with them. So if you treat all people with that same sense that you are happy to see them and you like being around them, the same energy is produced as with being with a friend. That is how you should communicate with every person you encounter. Your attitude toward people makes a huge difference. If you are flying on a plane, your feelings toward the airline will be very different if a flight attendant treats you courteously instead of rudely. We have all been talked to in a way that provokes us to give that bossy broad a dirty look and keep our cell phones on. We have also experienced the ones who are sweet and speak to us in a friendly manner, which makes us want to turn off our cell phones. The “Friends First” concept is simple. Talk to every stranger the way you talk to your friends. Be friendly, warm, and inviting. Use the same tone of voice and make them feel comfortable. This disarms strangers and helps them relax and become interested in you.

You can do this by asking questions using something I call FORM. “F” stands for family. “O” stands for occupation. “R” stands for recreation. And “M” stands for message. Asking people about their family, occupation, and recreation is a way to find out what people are interested in and to show interest in them. So get people talking about those three simple things.

When you are FORMing people, you are specifically looking for their SIGN. It’s not their horoscope – it stands for Strengths, Interests, Goals, and Needs.

You should honor, value, and recognize the people all around you, and act in your job as if you own the place and want the people to stay there. It is a natural progression that they will pick you when a management position opens because you are fair and good. You will have gained the people’s favor.

You cannot influence people or get to high levels of influence if your heart is not in the right place. Eventually, the truth comes out about exactly who you are. You will make decisions that will expose who you are, and what you build will not last. Your business will be shaky. You will not sleep well at night knowing you have manipulated people. You will develop a reputation as being untrustworthy and you will have to bribe people – with gifts or money – to be your friends. If you are going to be wealthy, be a wealthy person with an outrageous reputation for treating everyone well, not just the rich and famous or the important people. Be trustworthy in everything you do.

Instead of trying to get something from someone in return, have the larger view of trying to make a difference in the world and in your community. You will be amazed at the outcome and where it will take you.

I expanded my mindset to influence people not for selfish reasons but because I want them to have a better life.

If you have an appointment with a Sapphire, do not expect him or her to be on time. When you get upset with a Sapphire who is late, it is your fault for getting upset. That’s the way they are wired – love them for their strengths. Tell them thirty minutes earlier than you need them and bring your computer so you can get some work done while you wait. You will wait.

Emeralds can be more productive if they remember it is not about perfection, it is about getting the job done with results and testing the results. Why try to learn everything in advance when you may already have a baseline of skill and things you did not have to learn? You wasted time learning some things you did not need to, but if you test the results, you will see the areas where you need to focus.

Rubies always have to have the next step, a goal, or a challenge in front of them. They constantly have to be moving in a forward direction because that is what they were born to do.

The Law of Promotion means to prosper where you are planted. If you show you can be trusted with what’s in front of you, you will be made ruler of much. A lot of people think they will treat people a certain way when they are successful, or they will give to charity when they are wealthy. But you have to treat people that way now, and you have to give to others now. Invest in your job like it is your own company, and that’s how you will get promoted. Turn where you work into something better than it is. Ninety-eight percent of the population thinks they deserve a raise just for showing up. A raise means an increase – and you get an increase by increasing. You have to get better than when you got there, and you have to make it better. You have to make a difference instead of just sucking up oxygen and expecting a paycheck. Ninety-eight percent of the population wants to find a job that they love, but that is not how it works. If you find a way to love your job now, you will be given more. If you cannot manage your current job, how can you manage a bigger one? If you cannot manage your employees now, how can you manage them if your business grows? One of the basic steps to wealth is to take care of what you already have.

That same message has hit me in many areas of my life, from my marriage to my business: If you cannot respect and honor what you have now, and you do not take care of it, you will never graduate to the next place.

You have the ability to change your environment without changing your physical location. Your environment is in your head. It exudes out of your being. Hating your job never opens the vault to blessing, but it will decrease your production. It will open the door for you to gossip about your boss, to going on Facebook, to e-mailing friends, and to forwarding jokes while you are supposed to be working. Hating your job will cause you to avoid your boss and to avoid the people who are at the top and who need to see your good attitude, your good work, your excellence, and your diligence. Hating your job will never help you to become diligent or proficient or to find shortcuts that will help you raise the company’s revenue or to make you more valuable in the workplace.

Ask yourself every day, “How can I increase my value at the job?” This will happen with communication – communication with the boss and communication with other people. Build a foundation of making yourself incredibly valuable to your job, to the boss, to the company, and to clients. Is your boss frustrated with you, or does your boss feel as though he or she could not live without you? You become valuable to your boss if you get the job done and relieve stress for him or her. But it is more than just getting the job done – it is the working relationship. Do not think of your work as just a job, something you have to do. You are a partner on a team, and you want that team to be successful. When the time is right, sit down with your boss and have a frank conversation. First, thank your boss. Second, practice the Law of Value. Ask your boss: Show me, tell me, and coach me on what I can do better on the job to help this company succeed.

Thank-You Notes: When was the last time you wrote your boss a thank-you card? Learn your boss’s personality so you know how to communicate to your boss.

Many employees are trying to focus on twelve things at the same time: answering text messages, checking their personal e-mail, instant messaging their friends, forwarding e-mail jokes to a couple of co-workers and friends, listening to the news, and checking their Facebook page – all while trying to work. When you have your focus divided in all of these directions, you are totally unproductive.

To get a raise you have to raise your value to the company. There is always a way to make yourself more valuable so your boss wants to pay you more for doing the same thing.

I taught you to honor people by FORMing them – asking about their family, occupation, recreation, and message – as well as asking about their signs – strengths, interests, goals, and needs.

The most common question I get is, “Dani, how did you do it? How did you go from homeless to making millions?” My answer is always the same. I decided never to return to being broke again. I decided not to end up like those who had raised me. I decided not to be the failure everyone said I would be. I decided no longer to be the failure I had become.

When you make a solid decision it is always followed by action, and action leads to success.

If I were a chiropractor, I would say to every potential client, “There are a lot of people who are in pain yet not deadly serious about their health. I am just interviewing for a couple of clients who are truly serious about attaining good, solid health to make sure they are going to go the distance with me. How serious are you about getting your back straightened and living a pain-free, healthy life? I am after your long-term health. I want to get you well so we don’t have to see each other very much.” That is turning the tables on the prospect. They are expecting you to sell to them, so don’t. Make them want you instead. I was no longer selling. I was interviewing, and that’s how you have to think if you are marketing something. You have to interview instead of sell. Selling causes people to guard their wallets. Interviewing causes them to impress you and tell you why they need you, versus your having to tell them why they need you.

There is a philosophy out there of finding something that’s within you, what you would like to do. If I had followed that line of thinking, I would still be homeless. Did I like sales? Heck no. Was I good at it? No. Was it one of my natural-born talents? Oh, my gosh, no! What were my natural-born talents? I didn’t have any!

You do not have to love what you do. Start where you are.

Do something that makes a profit. Or find somebody else’s profitable idea and do that. For example, housekeepers are a dime a dozen. What could you add to make your service a little different from every other service in the area?

Some people go in and out of being teachable. Most people start off unteachable. They say, “I’ve got it all figured out.” But it takes failure to bring people to a place of being teachable. And usually then they only stay teachable until they have a little bit of success. Once they have that little bit of success, they figure they have the rest dialed – until they fail again. So they go on this rollercoaster – and some never get off the rollercoaster to be teachable.

Entrepreneurship is people and finance.

Financial pressure is not a great way to start a business for most people. Some of us can do it. Sometimes it is the financial pressure and the squeezing out on all sides that makes you desperate enough to drop your ego and do whatever it takes to be able to make money. But if you are spending eight thousand dollars a month, you are not there yet because you will start a company and spend the same way you do now.”

This process is the pathway to bigger profits. It has three simple steps: increase exposure, increase conversion, and increase scalability.

Testimonials need to be short, quick, and to the point. They need to be about the results of the product/service and the problem that has been solved for your clients who use it.

You cannot have the attitude that just paying them is enough because people care more about recognition and approval than money. Edifying them makes them feel special and important, and that means more to them than the actual paycheck they receive.

As an employer and would-be employee-preneur, it is also important for you to have systems in place that reward others for their efforts. You want to be able to pay your people well and to have a bonus structure in place that will help motivate your internal team.

I had a massive awakening. My things had consumed my life and I hadn’t even realized it. I saw that I was crippled by greed. I was a slave to money and a slave to recognition. I had grown up in poverty and although I had made millions of dollars, I still had the poverty mentality, which spends everything that is made – and for what?

Wealth is accumulated and then passed down for generations to grow the wealth even bigger. I was accumulating stuff instead of wealth. You kick poverty when you are able to keep the money. It has nothing to do with how much you make. It has everything to do with how much you spend.

Do not pass down debt to your children who will pass it down to their children. Instead, choose to pass down wealth, which is what I believe you were designed to do. Choose to give them the gift of wisdom of accumulating wealth and understanding how money works and the freedom that it brings.

You were designed with wealth in mind. We know that to be true because the Law of Desire states that if you have the desire for wealth, it is because you were given the design to have wealth. You bought this book, First Steps to Wealth, because you have a desire to become wealthy. When the Great Designer put you together, he did so with all that I showed you in Chapter 1. The desire is not for stuff; it is for freedom.

Your monthly income is supposed to grow something, just like a seed, but most people live from paycheck to paycheck, which means they are eating all of their seed. They have nothing to plant and grow. Your seed is supposed to reproduce itself. It is not supposed to be all eaten. But instead, people spend their money on cell phones, televisions, food that goes to waste, and clothes they do not wear left hanging in their closets with tags still on them.

Another question, how did we ever get suckered into financing a depreciating liability?

Ninety-eight percent of the population has lived under a false sense of wealth because we can afford to waste money.

Only 2 percent truly understands wealth. Ninety-eight percent of the population will eat all of their seeds. Money is seed. It is supposed to multiply, and it cannot multiply if you are consuming all of it. You have to stop being a consuming human being and start being an income-producing human being.

Do you know what happened to the money you made in the past five years? Two percent of the population knows exactly where the money goes. Ninety-eight percent of the population doesn’t have a clue.

You have been allotted a certain amount of money every single month. You exchange your skill for that money. This money is the financial territory you are in charge of governing. Let’s say your allotment is two thousand dollars a month. If you are faithful with that two thousand dollars a month, then it is going to good use and you are multiplying the money. When you are multiplying the money, you will be given more financial territory to govern. But if you spend all you make every month, you will not be given more territory. You have to be faithful with the two thousand dollars a month to get four thousand dollars, to get six thousand dollars, to get ten thousand dollars, and to get a hundred thousand dollars a month. Once you realize that this is the financial law and you start playing by the rules, you will start gaining more financial territory and accumulate wealth.

Two percent of the population knows exactly where the money goes. The other 98 percent hasn’t a clue.

The 98 Percenters use credit cards to buy stuff, whereas the 2 Percenters use credit to build wealth.

If you are financially independent, you can have the big house or five Lamborghinis if you want. Live the life you want to live. But if you are in debt, you do not have the right to be shopping at the mall every week.

Your debt-free lifestyle is in your pantry, closet, and garage. You have the money for a dream vacation, but it is wasted in small things.

All debt is based on greed. Your mortgage is also a type of debt. As I said in the last chapter, your mortgage is making the bankers rich, while you are enslaved in debt, paying interest.

Give a dollar for every ten dollars you make, and your needs will always be met. The wealthy use this principle.

Debt is evil. When you have debt, you become a slave to money.

The impoverished spend their money on stuff. Middle-class people spend their money on what they think are assets, but it is really just stuff. The wealthy invest their money on income-producing assets.

Invest in what you know. Investing is all about risk; it is all about calculating and running your numbers. It is about learning new skills.

Do not buy according to ego, but according to what is wise. Buy below your means, not above. Buy an older, small two- or three-bedroom house and rent it for almost double of what your mortgage will be.

I only possess the skills I have because He wrote how to get them. Everything I have talked about in this book came from the Bible.

When I finally came to God, I realized I had been practicing a lot of His principles already, and I did not have to be a pastor to do God’s work. I decided to read the Bible and seek the answers myself. I learned that Abraham was a wealthy businessman, not a pastor or an evangelist. Isaac was also a wealthy businessman, and Moses was a politician and judge. He was not a pastor as we see pastors today. He looked and dressed like an Egyptian and I believe he had tattoos. He would be harshly judged today by many churches in the world that care more about their rules of how to dress and how to look like a “good Christian” than they do about what the Bible really says. Joseph, a former slave, learned how to become an architect and business manager. He managed laborers and did engineering. He was an excellent administrator and had some incredible accounting skills. He was not a pastor. He too looked like an Egyptian with tattoos, short skirts, a wig, and eyeliner. He looked so much like an Egyptian that when his brothers saw him after being separated for many years, they did not recognize him. They thought he was the Egyptian ruler, and in reality he was. These famous men who have been talked about for thousands of years were not the heads of a modern church -those structured buildings and organizations did not exist then. God used everyday average people with professions in the marketplace to develop a people, and He raised up an army that would impact people’s lives for the better. David – the apple of God’s eye, the one God promised that He would establish His kingdom forever – was a political leader, singer, songwriter, military leader, and businessman.

It is almost like your timeline gets synced with God’s. It is the right whisper in your heart at the right time. It is the right voice in your head that gives you the exact answer you were looking for. That voice speaks to you when you train yourself to listen to it and obey. That voice wants to bless you so much that you fall to your knees and thank Him for everything He has done.

Your business and work are also ways to impact people’s lives. What kinds of seeds are you planting there? What will people be saying about you fifty years after you are gone? Will they even know who you are?

Although Hans and I make money in our businesses, our business model has always been about helping other people. We are making a difference not only with our staff and our employees and their families, but also with our clients.

You will never be able to convince your family that your crazy ideas or your new mindset is the way they should be thinking. It is like a crab that is trying to get out of a bucket, and the rest of the crabs try to pull him back down. Some are jealous; some are scared for you – they are overprotective because they do not want you to fail; and some maybe have an inkling that you might succeed and your success will make them look bad. Whatever their motives are, none of that really matters. What matters is this: The only thing that determines success is results. So do not try to convince your friends and family to dig into all of this information and to buy investments or start a business. Get results – they speak louder than anything you can say. When your friends and family see your results, they will be begging for you to show them how. That is how you will get their attention.


Frases de la Biblia – Quotes from the Bible

My house and myself we will serve the Lord.



Josué 1: 5 Durante todos los días de tu vida, nadie será capaz de enfrentarse a ti. Así como estuve con Moisés, también estaré contigo; no te dejaré ni te abandonaré

1 Samuel
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Job 1:21 Al llegar a este punto, Job se levantó, se rasgó las vestiduras, se rasuró la cabeza, y luego se dejó caer al suelo en actitud de adoración. Entonces dijo:

«Desnudo salí del vientre de mi madre,
    y desnudo he de partir.[d]
El Señor ha dado; el Señor ha quitado.
    ¡Bendito sea el nombre del Señor



Proverbios 1:8 Hijo mío, escucha las correcciones de tu padre y no abandones las enseñanzas de tu madre. Adornarán tu cabeza como una diadema; adornarán tu cuello como un collar. Hijo mío, los pecadores quieren engañarte, no vayas con ellos. Éstos te dirán: «¡Ven con nosotros! Acechemos a algún inocente y démonos el gusto de matar a algún incauto; traguémonos a alguien vivo, como se traga el *sepulcro a la *gente; devorémoslo entero, como devora la fosa a los muertos. Obtendremos toda clase de riquezas; con el botín llenaremos nuestras casas. Comparte tu suerte con nosotros, y compartiremos contigo lo que obtengamos.» ¡Pero no te dejes llevar por ellos,[a] hijo mío! ¡Apártate de sus senderos! Pues corren presurosos a hacer lo malo; ¡tienen prisa por derramar sangre! De nada sirve tender la red a la vista de todos los pájaros, pero aquéllos acechan su propia vida y acabarán por destruirse a sí mismos. Así terminan los que van tras ganancias mal habidas; por éstas perderán la vida.

Proverbios 3:3 Que nunca te abandonen el amor y la verdad: llévalos siempre alrededor de tu cuello y escríbelos en el libro de tu corazón. Contarás con el favor de Dios y tendrás buena fama[a] entre la *gente. Confía en el Señor de todo corazón, y no en tu propia inteligencia. Reconócelo en todos tus *caminos, y él allanará tus sendas. No seas sabio en tu propia opinión; más bien, teme al Señor y huye del mal. Esto infundirá salud a tu cuerpo y fortalecerá tu ser. 

Proverbios 3:9 Honra al Señor con tus riquezas y con los primeros frutos de tus cosechas. Así tus graneros se llenarán a reventar y tus bodegas rebosarán de vino nuevo. 

Proverbios 3:11Hijo mío, no desprecies la *disciplina del Señorni te ofendas por sus reprensiones. Porque el Señor disciplina a los que ama, como corrige un padre a su hijo querido.

Proverbios 3:30 No entres en pleito con nadie que no te haya hecho ningún daño. No envidies a  los violentos, ni optes por andar en sus caminos. Porque el Señor aborrece al perverso, pero al íntegro le brinda su amistad.

Proverbios 4: 24 Aleja de tu boca la perversidad; aparta de tus labios las palabras corruptas. Pon la mirada en lo que tienes delante; fija la vista en lo que está frente a ti. Endereza las sendas por donde andas; allana todos tus caminos. No te desvíes ni a diestra ni a siniestra; apártate de la maldad.

Proverbios 5:15 Bebe el agua de tu propio pozo, el agua que fluye de tu propio manantial. ¿Habrán de derramarse tus fuentes por las calles y tus corrientes de aguas por las plazas públicas? Son tuyas, solamente tuyas, y no para que las compartas con extraños. ¡Bendita sea tu fuente! ¡Goza con la esposa de tu juventud! Es una gacela amorosa, es una cervatilla encantadora. ¡Que sus pechos te satisfagan siempre! ¡Que su amor te cautive todo el tiempo! ¿Por qué, hijo mío, dejarte cautivar por una adúltera? ¿Por qué abrazarte al pecho de la mujer ajena?

Proverbios 6:6 ¡Anda, perezoso, fíjate en la hormiga! ¡Fíjate en lo que hace, y adquiere sabiduría! No tiene quien la mande, ni quien la vigile ni gobierne; con todo, en el verano  almacena provisiones y durante la cosecha recoge alimentos. Perezoso, ¿cuánto tiempo más seguirás acostado? ¿Cuándo despertarás de tu sueño? Un corto sueño, una breve siesta, un pequeño descanso, cruzado de brazos… ¡y te asaltará la pobreza como un bandido, y la escasez como un hombre armado!

Proverbios 7:21 Con palabras persuasivas lo convenció; con lisonjas de sus labios lo sedujo. Y él en seguida fue tras ella, como el buey que va camino al matadero; como el ciervo que cae en la trampa, hasta que una flecha le abre las entrañas; como el ave que se lanza contra la red, sin saber que en ello le va la vida.

Proverbios 9:8 No reprendas al insolente, no sea que acabe por odiarte; reprende al sabio, y te amará. Instruye al sabio, y se hará más sabio; enseña al justo, y aumentará su saber.

Proverbios 9:10 El comienzo de la sabiduría es el temor del Señorconocer al Santo es tener discernimiento. Por mí aumentarán tus días; muchos años de vida te serán añadidos. Si eres sabio, tu premio será tu sabiduría; si eres insolente, sólo tú lo sufrirás.

Proverbios 11:1 El Señor aborrece las balanzas adulteradas, pero aprueba las pesas exactas.

Proverbios 11:3 A los justos los guía su integridad; a los falsos los destruye su hipocresía.

Proverbios 11:4 En el día de la ira de nada sirve ser rico, pero la justicia libra de la muerte.

Proverbios 11:5 La justicia endereza el camino de los íntegros, pero la maldad hace caer a los impíos. La justicia libra a los justos, pero la codicia atrapa a los falsos.

Proverbios 11:23 Los deseos de los justos terminan bien; la esperanza de los malvados termina mal.

Proverbios 11:24 Unos dan a manos llenas, y reciben más de lo que dan; otros ni sus deudas pagan, y acaban en la miseria.

Proverbios 11:25 El que es generoso prospera; el que reanima será reanimado.

Proverbios 11:27 El que madruga para el bien, halla buena voluntad; el que anda tras el mal, por el mal será alcanzado.

Proverbios 13:5 El justo aborrece la mentira; el malvado acarrea vergüenza y deshonra.

Proverbios 13:11 El dinero mal habido pronto se acaba; quien ahorra, poco a poco se enriquece.

Proverbios 13:18 El que desprecia a la *disciplina sufre pobreza y deshonra; el que atiende a la corrección recibe grandes honores.

Proverbios 13:22 El hombre de bien deja herencia a sus nietos; las riquezas del pecador se quedan para los justos.

Proverbios 14:9 Los necios hacen mofa de sus propias faltas, pero los íntegros cuentan con el favor de Dios.

Proverbios 14:12 Hay caminos que al hombre le parecen rectos, pero que acaban por ser caminos de muerte.

Proverbios 14:14 El inconstante recibirá todo el pago de su inconstancia; el hombre bueno, el premio de sus acciones.

Proverbios 14:23 Todo esfuerzo tiene su recompensa, pero quedarse sólo en palabras lleva a la pobreza.

Proverbios 14:31 El que oprime al pobre ofende a su Creador, pero honra a Dios quien se apiada del necesitado. El malvado cae por su propia maldad; el justo halla refugio en su integridad.

Proverbios 15:6 En la casa del justo hay gran abundancia; en las ganancias del malvado, grandes problemas.

Proverbios 15:15 Para el afligido todos los días son malos; para el que es feliz siempre es día de fiesta.

Proverbios 16:1El hombre propone y Dios[a] dispone.

Proverbios 16:16 Más vale adquirir sabiduría que oro; más vale adquirir inteligencia que plata.

Proverbios 16:31 Las canas son una honrosa corona que se obtiene en el camino de la justicia.

Proverbios 16:32 Más vale ser paciente que valiente; más vale dominarse a sí mismo que conquistar ciudades.

Proverbios 17:3 En el crisol se prueba la plata  y en el horno se prueba el oro, pero al corazón lo prueba el Señor.

Proverbios 17:28 Hasta un necio pasa por sabio si guarda silencio; se le considera prudente si cierra la boca.

Proverbios 20:1 El vino lleva a la insolencia, y la bebida embriagante al escándalo; ¡nadie bajo sus efectos se comporta sabiamente!

Proverbios 20:13 No te des al sueño, o te quedarás pobre; manténte despierto y tendrás pan de sobra.

Proverbios 20:20 Al que maldiga a su padre y a su madre, su lámpara se le apagará en la más densa oscuridad.

Proverbios 20:24 Los pasos del hombre los dirige el Señor. ¿Cómo puede el hombre entender su propio camino?

Proverbios 21:17 El que ama el placer se quedará en la pobreza; el que ama el vino y los perfumes jamás será rico.

Proverbios 21:20  En casa del sabio abundan las riquezas y el perfume, pero el necio todo lo despilfarra.

Proverbios 22:6 Instruye al niño en el camino correcto, y aun en su vejez no lo abandonará.

Proverbios 22:7 Los ricos son los amos de los pobres; los deudores son esclavos de sus acreedores.

Proverbios 22:16

Proverbios 22:16

Proverbios 23:17 No envidies en tu corazón a los pecadores; más bien, muéstrate siempre celoso en el temor del Señor.

Proverbios 23:22 Escucha a tu padre, que te engendró, y no desprecies a tu madre cuando sea anciana.

Proverbios 23:29-35 ¿De quién son los lamentos? ¿De quién los pesares? ¿De quién son los pleitos? ¿De quién las quejas?  ¿De quién son las heridas gratuitas? ¿De quién los ojos morados?¡Del que no suelta la botella de vino ni deja de probar licores! No te fijes en lo rojo que es el vino, ni en cómo brilla en la copa, ni en la suavidad con que se desliza; porque acaba mordiendo como serpiente y envenenando como víbora. Tus ojos verán alucinaciones, y tu mente imaginará estupideces. Te parecerá estar durmiendo en alta mar, acostado sobre el mástil mayor. Y dirás: «Me han herido, pero no me duele. Me han golpeado, pero no lo siento. Cuándo despertaré de este sueño para ir a buscar otro trago?»

Proverbios 24:27 ** No aceches cual malvado la casa del justo, ni arrases el lugar donde habita; porque siete veces podrá caer el justo, pero otras tantas se levantará; los malvados, en cambio, se hundirán en la desgracia.

Proverbios 24:30-34 Pasé por el campo del perezoso, por la viña del falto de juicio. Había espinas por todas partes; la hierba cubría el terreno, y el lindero de piedras estaba en ruinas. Guardé en mi corazón lo observado, y de lo visto saqué una lección: Un corto sueño, una breve siesta, un pequeño descanso, cruzado de brazos… ¡y te asaltará la pobreza como un bandido, y la escasez, como un hombre armado!

Proverbios 25:28 Como ciudad sin defensa y sin murallas es quien no sabe dominarse.

Proverbios 26:11 Como vuelve el perro a su vómito, así el necio insiste en su necedad.

Proverbios 26:17 Meterse en pleitos ajenos es como agarrar a un perro por las orejas.

Proverbios 27:1-2 No te jactes del día de mañana, porque no sabes lo que el día traerá. No te jactes de ti mismo; que sean otros los que te alaben.

Proverbios 27:8 Como ave que vaga lejos del nido es el hombre que vaga lejos del hogar.

Proverbios 27:17 El hierro se afila con el hierro, y el hombre en el trato con el hombre.

Proverbios 27:21En el crisol se prueba la plata; en el horno se prueba el oro; ante las alabanzas, el hombre.

Proverbios 27:23-27 Asegúrate de saber cómo están tus rebaños; cuida mucho de tus ovejas; pues las riquezas no son eternas ni la fortuna está siempre segura. Cuando se limpien los campos y brote el verdor, y en los montes se recoja la hierba, las ovejas te darán para el vestido, y las cabras para comprar un campo; tendrás leche de cabra en abundancia para que se alimenten tú y tu familia, y toda tu servidumbre.

Proverbios 28:6 Más vale pobre pero honrado, que rico pero perverso.

Proverbios 28:8 El que amasa riquezas mediante la usura las acumula para el que se compadece de los pobres.

Proverbios 28:9 Dios aborrece hasta la oración del que se niega a obedecer la ley.

Proverbios 28:11 El rico se las da de sabio; el pobre pero inteligente lo desenmascara.

Proverbios 28:13 Quien encubre su pecado jamás prospera; quien lo confiesa y lo deja, halla perdón.

Proverbios 28:19 El que trabaja la tierra tendrá abundante comida; el que sueña despierto sólo abundará en pobreza.

Proverbios 28:20 El hombre fiel recibirá muchas bendiciones; el que tiene prisa por enriquecerse no quedará impune.

Proverbios 28:22 El tacaño ansía enriquecerse, sin saber que la pobreza lo aguarda.

Proverbios 28:27 El que ayuda al pobre no conocerá la pobreza; el que le niega su ayuda será maldecido.

Proverbios 29:9 Cuando el sabio entabla pleito contra un necio, aunque se enoje o se ría, nada arreglará.

Proverbios 29:11 El necio da rienda suelta a su ira, pero el sabio sabe dominarla.

Proverbios 29:18 *** Donde no hay visión, el pueblo se extravía; ¡dichosos los que son obedientes a la ley!

Proverbios 30:7-8 »Sólo dos cosas te pido, Señorno me las niegues antes de que muera: Aleja de mí la falsedad y la mentira; no me des pobreza ni riquezas sino sólo el pan de cada día. Porque teniendo mucho, podría desconocerte y decir: “¿Y quién es el Señor?” Y teniendo poco, podría llegar a robar y deshonrar así el nombre de mi Dios.

Proverbios 30:24-28 »Cuatro cosas hay pequeñas en el mundo, pero que son más sabias que los sabios: las hormigas, animalitos de escasas fuerzas, pero que almacenan su comida en el verano; los tejones, animalitos de poca monta, pero que construyen su casa entre las rocas; las langostas, que no tienen rey, pero que avanzan en formación perfecta; las lagartijas, que se atrapan con la mano, pero que habitan hasta en los palacios.

Proverbios 31:8-9 »¡Levanta la voz por los que no tienen voz! ¡Defiende los derechos de los desposeídos! ¡Levanta la voz, y hazles justicia! ¡Defiende a los pobres y necesitados!»

Proverbios 31:10-31 Mujer ejemplar, ¿dónde se hallará? ¡Es más valiosa que las piedras preciosas! Su esposo confía plenamente en ella y no necesita de ganancias mal habidas. Ella le es fuente de bien, no de mal, todos los días de su vida. Anda en busca de lana y de lino, y gustosa trabaja con sus manos. Es como los barcos mercantes, que traen de muy lejos su alimento. Se levanta de madrugada, da de comer a su familia y asigna tareas a sus criadas. Calcula el valor de un campo y lo compra; con sus ganancias planta un viñedo. Decidida se ciñe la cintura y se apresta para el trabajo. Se complace en la prosperidad de sus negocios, y no se apaga su lámpara en la noche. Con una mano sostiene el huso y con la otra tuerce el hilo. Tiende la mano al pobre, y con ella sostiene al necesitado. Si nieva, no tiene que preocuparse de su familia, pues todos están bien abrigados. Las colchas las cose ella misma, y se viste de púrpura y lino fino. Su esposo es respetado en la comunidad; ocupa un puesto entre las autoridades del lugar. Confecciona ropa de lino y la vende; provee cinturones a los comerciantes. Se reviste de fuerza y dignidad, y afronta segura el porvenir. Cuando habla, lo hace con sabiduría; cuando instruye, lo hace con amor. Está atenta a la marcha de su hogar, y el pan que come no es fruto del ocio. Sus hijos se levantan y la felicitan; también su esposo la alaba: «Muchas mujeres han realizado proezas, pero tú las superas a todas.» Engañoso es el encanto y pasajera la belleza; la mujer que teme al Señor es digna de alabanza. ¡Sean reconocidos sus logros, y públicamente alabadas sus obras!


Eclesiastés 3:1 Todo tiene su momento oportuno; hay un tiempo para todo lo que se hace bajo el cielo:

un tiempo para nacer,
    y un tiempo para morir;
un tiempo para plantar,
    y un tiempo para cosechar;
un tiempo para matar,
    y un tiempo para sanar;
un tiempo para destruir,
    y un tiempo para construir;
un tiempo para llorar,
    y un tiempo para reír;
un tiempo para estar de luto,
    y un tiempo para saltar de gusto;
un tiempo para esparcir piedras,
    y un tiempo para recogerlas;
un tiempo para abrazarse,
    y un tiempo para despedirse;
un tiempo para intentar,
    y un tiempo para desistir;
un tiempo para guardar,
    y un tiempo para desechar;
un tiempo para rasgar,
    y un tiempo para coser;
un tiempo para callar,
    y un tiempo para hablar;
un tiempo para amar,
    y un tiempo para odiar;
un tiempo para la guerra,
    y un tiempo para la paz.

Eclesiastés 5:1 Cuando vayas a la casa de Dios, cuida tus pasos y acércate a escuchar en vez de ofrecer sacrificio de necios, que ni conciencia tienen de que hacen mal.

No te apresures,
    ni con la boca ni con la *mente,
    a proferir ante Dios palabra alguna;
él está en el cielo y tú estás en la tierra.
    Mide, pues, tus palabras.
Quien mucho se preocupa tiene pesadillas,
    y quien mucho habla dice tonterías.

Eclesiastés 5:4 Cuando hagas un voto a Dios, no tardes en cumplirlo, porque a Dios no le agradan los necios. Cumple tus votos:

Vale más no hacer votos
    que hacerlos y no cumplirlos.

Eclesiastés 5:6 No permitas que tu boca te haga pecar, ni digas luego ante el mensajero de Dios que lo hiciste sin querer. ¿Por qué ha de enojarse Dios por lo que dices, y destruir el fruto de tu trabajo? Más bien, entre tantos absurdos, pesadillas y palabrerías, muestra temor a Dios.

Eclesiastés 5:8 Si en alguna provincia ves que se oprime al pobre, y que a la gente se le niega un juicio justo, no te asombres de tales cosas; porque a un alto oficial lo vigila otro más alto, y por encima de ellos hay otros altos oficiales. ¿Qué provecho hay en todo esto para el país? ¿Está el rey al servicio del campo?

Eclesiastés 5:10 Quien ama el dinero, de dinero no se sacia. Quien ama las riquezas nunca tiene suficiente. ¡También esto es absurdo! Donde abundan los bienes, sobra quien se los gaste; ¿y qué saca de esto su dueño, aparte de contemplarlos? El trabajador duerme tranquilo, coma mucho o coma poco. Al rico sus muchas riquezas no lo dejan dormir.

Eclesiastés 7:4 El sabio tiene presente la muerte; el necio sólo piensa en la diversión.

Eclesiastés 7:10 Nunca preguntes por qué todo tiempo pasado fue mejor. No es de sabios hacer tales preguntas.

Eclesiastés 7:16 No seas demasiado justo, ni tampoco demasiado sabio. ¿Para qué destruirte
    a ti mismo?

Eclesiastés 7:20 No hay en la tierra nadie tan justo que haga el bien y nunca peque.

Eclesiastés 8:12 El pecador puede hacer lo malo cien veces, y vivir muchos años; pero sé también que le irá mejor a quien teme a Dios y le guarda reverencia. En cambio, a los malvados no les irá bien ni vivirán mucho tiempo. Serán como una sombra, porque no temen a Dios.

Eclesiastés 8:16 Al dedicarme al conocimiento de la sabiduría y a la observación de todo cuanto se hace en la tierra, sin que pudiera conciliar el sueño ni de día ni de noche, pude ver todo lo hecho por Dios. ¡El hombre no puede comprender todo lo que Dios ha hecho en esta vida! Por más que se esfuerce por hallarle sentido, no lo encontrará; aun cuando el sabio diga conocerlo, no lo puede comprender.

Eclesiastés 9:7 ¡Anda, come tu pan con alegría! ¡Bebe tu vino con buen ánimo, que Dios ya se ha agradado de tus obras! Que sean siempre blancos tus vestidos, y que no falte nunca el perfume en tus cabellos. Goza de la vida con la mujer amada cada día de la fugaz existencia que Dios te ha dado en este mundo. ¡Cada uno de tus absurdos días! Esto es lo que te ha tocado de todos tus afanes en este mundo. Y todo lo que te venga a la mano, hazlo con todo empeño; porque en el sepulcro, adonde te diriges, no hay trabajo ni planes ni conocimiento ni sabiduría.

Eclesiastés 10:10 Si el hacha pierde su filo, y no se vuelve a afilar, hay que golpear con más fuerza. El éxito radica en la acción sabia y bien ejecutada.

Eclesiastés 10:18 Por causa del ocio se viene abajo el techo, y por la pereza se desploma la casa.

Eclesiastés 11:4 Quien vigila al viento, no siembra; quien contempla las nubes, no cosecha.

Eclesiastés 12:13 El fin de este asunto es que ya se ha escuchado todo. Teme, pues, a Dios y cumple sus mandamientos, porque esto es todo para el hombre. Pues Dios juzgará toda obra, buena o mala, aun la realizada en secreto.



Mateo 5:14 – Ustedes son la luz del mundo. Una ciudad en lo alto de una colina no puede esconderse. Ni se enciende una lámpara para cubrirla con un cajón. Por el contrario, se pone en la repisa para que alumbre a todos los que están en la casa. Hagan brillar su luz delante de todos, para que ellos puedan ver las buenas obras de ustedes y alaben al Padre que está en el cielo.

Mateo 5:37 – Cuando ustedes digan “sí”, que sea realmente sí; y cuando digan “no”, que sea no. Cualquier cosa de más, proviene del maligno.

Mateo 5:41 – Si alguien te obliga a llevarle la carga un kilómetro, llévasela dos. Al que te pida, dale; y al que quiera tomar de ti prestado, no le vuelvas la espalda.

Mateo 6:20 – Más bien, acumulen para sí tesoros en el cielo, donde ni la polilla ni el óxido carcomen, ni los ladrones se meten a robar. Porque donde esté tu tesoro, allí estará también tu corazón.

Mateo 6:22 – El ojo es la lámpara del cuerpo. Por tanto, si tu visión es clara, todo tu ser disfrutará de la luz. Pero si tu visión está nublada, todo tu ser estará en oscuridad. Si la luz que hay en ti es oscuridad, ¡qué densa será esa oscuridad!.

Mateo 6:24 – Nadie puede servir a dos señores, pues menospreciará a uno y amará al otro, o querrá mucho a uno y despreciará al otro. No se puede servir a la vez a Dios y a las riquezas.

Mateo 6:25 – Por eso les digo: No se preocupen por su *vida, qué comerán o beberán; ni por su cuerpo, cómo se vestirán. ¿No tiene la vida más valor que la comida, y el cuerpo más que la ropa? Fíjense en las aves del cielo: no siembran ni cosechan ni almacenan en graneros; sin embargo, el Padre celestial las alimenta. ¿No valen ustedes mucho más que ellas? ¿Quién de ustedes, por mucho que se preocupe, puede añadir una sola hora al curso de su vida?

Mateo 7:1 – No juzguen a nadie, para que nadie los juzgue a ustedes. Porque tal como juzguen se les juzgará, y con la medida que midan a otros, se les medirá a ustedes.

Mateo 7:7 – Pidan, y se les dará; busquen, y encontrarán; llamen, y se les abrirá. Porque todo el que pide, recibe; el que busca, encuentra; y al que llama, se le abre. ¿Quién de ustedes, si su hijo le pide pan, le da una piedra? ¿O si le pide un pescado, le da una serpiente? Pues si ustedes, aun siendo malos, saben dar cosas buenas a sus hijos, ¡cuánto más su Padre que está en el cielo dará cosas buenas a los que le pidan! Así que en todo traten ustedes a los demás tal y como quieren que ellos los traten a ustedes. De hecho, esto es la ley y los profetas.

Mateo 7:13 – Entren por la puerta estrecha. Porque es ancha la puerta y espacioso el camino que conduce a la destrucción, y muchos entran por ella. Pero estrecha es la puerta y angosto el camino que conduce a la vida, y son pocos los que la encuentran.

Mateo 7:15 – Cuídense de los falsos profetas. Vienen a ustedes disfrazados de ovejas, pero por dentro son lobos feroces. Por sus frutos los conocerán.

Mateo 7:21 – No todo el que me dice: “Señor, Señor”, entrará en el reino de los cielos, sino sólo el que hace la voluntad de mi Padre que está en el cielo.

Mateo 9:10 – ¿Por qué come su maestro con recaudadores de impuestos y con pecadores? Al oír esto, Jesús les contestó: No son los sanos los que necesitan médico sino los enfermos. Pero vayan y aprendan lo que significa: “Lo que pido de ustedes es misericordia y no sacrificios.”[a] Porque no he venido a llamar a justos sino a pecadores.

Mateo 9:27 – Al irse Jesús de allí, dos ciegos lo siguieron, gritándole: ¡Ten compasión de nosotros, Hijo de David! Cuando entró en la casa, se le acercaron los ciegos, y él les preguntó:

—¿Creen que puedo sanarlos?
—Sí, Señor —le respondieron.
Entonces les tocó los ojos y les dijo:
—Se hará con ustedes conforme a su fe.

Mateo 10:17 – Los envío como ovejas en medio de lobos. Por tanto, sean astutos como serpientes y sencillos como palomas.
Mateo 11:18 – Porque vino Juan, que no comía ni bebía, y ellos dicen: “Tiene un demonio.” 19 Vino el Hijo del hombre, que come y bebe, y dicen: “Éste es un glotón y un borracho, amigo de *recaudadores de impuestos y de *pecadores.” Pero la sabiduría queda demostrada por sus hechos.» – ( siempre van a tener algo que criticar )

Mateo 12:7 – Lo que pido de ustedes es misericordia y no sacrificios.

Mateo 12:34 – De la abundancia del corazón habla la boca. El que es bueno, de la bondad que atesora en el corazón saca el bien, pero el que es malo, de su maldad saca el mal. Pero yo les digo que en el día del juicio todos tendrán que dar cuenta de toda palabra ociosa que hayan pronunciado. Porque por tu palabras se te absolverá, y por tus palabras se te condenará.

Mateo 15:17 No se dan cuenta de que todo lo que entra en la boca va al estómago y después se echa en la letrina? Pero lo que sale de la boca viene del corazón y contamina a la persona. Porque del corazón salen los malos pensamientos, los homicidios, los adulterios, la inmoralidad sexual, los robos, los falsos testimonios y las calumnias. Estas son las cosas que contaminan a la persona, y no el comer sin lavarse las manos.

Mateo 16:24 – Si alguien quiere ser mi discipulo, tiene que negarse a sí mismo, tomar su cruz y seguirme.

Mateo 17:20 – Les aseguro que si tienen fe tan pequeña como un grano de mostaza, podrán decirle a esta montaña: “Trasladate de aqui para allá”, y se trasladara. Para ustedes nada será imposible.

Mateo 22:23 – Ay de ustedes, maestros de la ley y fariseos, hipócritas Dan la décima parte de especias: la menta, el anís y el comino. Pero ustedes han descuidado los asuntos más importantes de la ley, tales como la justicia, la misericordia y la fidelidad. Debían haber practicado esto sin descuidar aquello.

Mateo 22:36 – Maestro, cuál es el mandamiento más importante de la ley ? Ama al Señor Dios con todo tu corazon, con todo tu ser y con toda tu mente”-le respondió Jesús. Este es el primero y el más importante de los mandamientos. El segundo se parece a este: Ama a tu prójimo como a ti mismo. De estos dos mandamientos dependen toda la ley y los profetas.

Mateo 26:36 – Luego fue Jesús con sus discípulos a un lugar llamado Getsemani, y les dijo: «Sientense aquí mientras voy más allá a ora. Se llevó a Pedro ya los dos hijos de zebedeo, y comen zó a sentirse triste y angustiado.Es tal la angustia que me invade, que me siento morir -les dijo-. Quedense aquí y mantenganse despiertos conmigo. Yendo un poco más allá, se postró sobre su rostro y oro: Padre mio, si es posible, no me hagas beber este trago amargos Pero no sea lo que yo quiero, sino lo que quieres tu.



Lucas 3:8 – Produzcan frutos que demuestren arrepentimiento. Y no se pongan a pensar: “Tenemos a Abraham por padre.” Porque les digo que aun de estas piedras Dios es capaz de darle hijos a Abraham. Es más, el hacha ya está puesta a la raíz de los árboles, y todo árbol que no produzca buen fruto será cortado y arrojado al fuego.

Lucas 4:1 – Jesús, lleno del Espíritu Santo, volvió del Jordán y fue llevado por el Espíritu al desierto. Allí estuvo cuarenta días y fue *tentado por el diablo. No comió nada durante esos días, pasados los cuales tuvo hambre.

Lucas 6:32 – ¿Qué mérito tienen ustedes al amar a quienes los aman? Aun los *pecadores lo hacen así. ¿Y qué mérito tienen ustedes al hacer bien a quienes les hacen bien? Aun los pecadores actúan así. ¿Y qué mérito tienen ustedes al dar prestado a quienes pueden corresponderles? Aun los pecadores se prestan entre sí, esperando recibir el mismo trato. Ustedes, por el contrario, amen a sus enemigos, háganles bien y denles prestado sin esperar nada a cambio. Así tendrán una gran recompensa y serán hijos del Altísimo, porque él es bondadoso con los ingratos y malvados. Sean compasivos, así como su Padre es compasivo.

Lucas 6:37 – No juzguen, y no se les juzgará. No condenen, y no se les condenará. Perdonen, y se les perdonará. Den, y se les dará: se les echará en el regazo una medida llena, apretada, sacudida y desbordante. Porque con la medida que midan a otros, se les medirá a ustedes

Lucas 6:41 – ¿Por qué te fijas en la astilla que tiene tu hermano en el ojo y no le das importancia a la viga que tienes en el tuyo? ¿Cómo puedes decirle a tu hermano: “Hermano, déjame sacarte la astilla del ojo”, cuando tú mismo no te das cuenta de la viga en el tuyo? ¡Hipócrita! Saca primero la viga de tu propio ojo, y entonces verás con claridad para sacar la astilla del ojo de tu hermano.

Lucas 14:28 – Supongamos que alguno de ustedes quiere construir una torre. ¿Acaso no se sienta primero a calcular el costo, para ver si tiene suficiente dinero para terminarla? Si echa los cimientos y no puede terminarla, todos los que la vean comenzarán a burlarse de él, y dirán: “Este hombre ya no pudo terminar lo que comenzó a construir.”

Lucas 16:10 – El que es honrado en lo poco, también lo será en lo mucho; y el que no es íntegro en lo poco, tampoco lo será en lo mucho. Por eso, si ustedes no han sido honrados en el uso de las riquezas mundanas, ¿quién les confiará las verdaderas? Y si con lo ajeno no han sido honrados, ¿quién les dará a ustedes lo que les pertenece?

Lucas 16:13 – Ningún sirviente puede servir a dos patrones. Menospreciará a uno y amará al otro, o querrá mucho a uno y despreciará al otro. Ustedes no pueden servir a la vez a Dios y a las riquezas.

Lucas 21: 34 – Tengan cuidado, no sea que se les endurezca el corazón por el vicio, la embriaguez y las preocupaciones de esta vida. De otra manera, aquel día caerá de improviso sobre ustedes, pues vendrá como una trampa sobre todos los habitantes de la tierra. Estén siempre vigilantes, y oren para que puedan escapar de todo lo que está por suceder, y presentarse delante del Hijo del hombre.


Juan 2:5 Su madre dijo a los sirvientes: Hagan lo que él les ordene.

Juan 3:30 A él le toca crecer, y a mí menguar.

Juan 5:14 Mira, ya has quedado sano. No vuelvas a pecar, no sea que te ocurra algo peor.


1 Corintios

1 Corintios 1:18 Me explico: El mensaje de la cruz es una locura para los que se pierden; en cambio, para los que se salvan, es decir, para nosotros, este mensaje es el poder de Dios. Pues está escrito: «Destruiré la sabiduría de los sabios; frustraré la inteligencia de los inteligentes.»

1 Corintios 1:25 Pues la locura de Dios es más sabia que la sabiduría humana, y la debilidad de Dios es más fuerte que la fuerza humana.

1 Corintios 4:7 ¿Quién te distingue de los demás? ¿Qué tienes que no hayas recibido? Y si lo recibiste, ¿por qué presumes como si no te lo hubieran dado?

1 Corintios 6:12 «Todo me está permitido», pero no todo es para mi bien. «Todo me está permitido», pero no dejaré que nada me domine. «Los alimentos son para el estómago y el estómago para los alimentos»; así es, y Dios los destruirá a ambos. Pero el cuerpo no es para la inmoralidad sexual sino para el Señor, y el Señor para el cuerpo. Con su poder Dios resucitó al Señor, y nos resucitará también a nosotros. ¿No saben que sus cuerpos son miembros de Cristo mismo? ¿Tomaré acaso los miembros de Cristo para unirlos con una prostituta? ¡Jamás! ¿No saben que el que se une a una prostituta se hace un solo cuerpo con ella? Pues la Escritura dice: «Los dos llegarán a ser un solo cuerpo.» Pero el que se une al Señor se hace uno con él en espíritu. Huyan de la inmoralidad sexual. Todos los demás pecados que una persona comete quedan fuera de su cuerpo; pero el que comete inmoralidades sexuales peca contra su propio cuerpo. ¿Acaso no saben que su cuerpo es templo del Espíritu Santo, quien está en ustedes y al que han recibido de parte de Dios? Ustedes no son sus propios dueños; fueron comprados por un precio. Por tanto, honren con su cuerpo a Dios.

1 Corintios 13 Si hablo en lenguas humanas y angelicales, pero no tengo amor, no soy más que un metal que resuena o un platillo que hace ruido. Si tengo el don de profecía y entiendo todos los misterios y poseo todo conocimiento, y si tengo una fe que logra trasladar montañas, pero me falta el amor, no soy nada. Si reparto entre los pobres todo lo que poseo, y si entrego mi cuerpo para que lo consuman las llamas, pero no tengo amor, nada gano con eso. El amor es paciente, es bondadoso. El amor no es envidioso ni jactancioso ni orgulloso. No se comporta con rudeza, no es egoísta, no se enoja fácilmente, no guarda rencor. El amor no se deleita en la maldad sino que se regocija con la verdad. Todo lo disculpa, todo lo cree, todo lo espera, todo lo soporta. El amor jamás se extingue, mientras que el don de profecía cesará, el de lenguas será silenciado y el de conocimiento desaparecerá. Porque conocemos y profetizamos de manera imperfecta; pero cuando llegue lo perfecto, lo imperfecto desaparecerá. Cuando yo era niño, hablaba como niño, pensaba como niño, razonaba como niño; cuando llegué a ser adulto, dejé atrás las cosas de niño. Ahora vemos de manera indirecta y velada, como en un espejo; pero entonces veremos cara a cara. Ahora conozco de manera imperfecta, pero entonces conoceré tal y como soy conocido. Ahora, pues, permanecen estas tres virtudes: la fe, la esperanza y el amor. Pero la más excelente de ellas es el amor.

1 Corintios 15:33 No se dejen engañar: «Las malas compañías corrompen las buenas costumbres.» Vuelvan a su sano juicio, como conviene, y dejen de pecar. En efecto, hay algunos de ustedes que no tienen conocimiento de Dios; para vergüenza de ustedes lo digo.

2 Corintios

2 Corintios 9:6 Recuerden esto: El que siembra escasamente, escasamente cosechará, y el que siembra en abundancia, en abundancia cosechará. Cada uno debe dar según lo que haya decidido en su corazón, no de mala gana ni por obligación, porque Dios ama al que da con alegría. Y Dios puede hacer que toda gracia abunde para ustedes, de manera que siempre, en toda circunstancia, tengan todo lo necesario, y toda buena obra abunde en ustedes.


Gálatas 4:17 Esos que muestran mucho interés por ganárselos a ustedes no abrigan buenas intenciones. Lo que quieren es alejarlos de nosotros para que ustedes se entreguen a ellos. Está bien mostrar interés, con tal de que ese interés sea bien intencionado y constante, y que no se manifieste sólo cuando yo estoy con ustedes.


Efesios 4: 25 Por lo tanto, dejando la mentira, hable cada uno a su prójimo con la verdad, porque todos somos miembros de un mismo cuerpo. «Si se enojan, no pequen.» No dejen que el sol se ponga estando aún enojados, ni den cabida al diablo. El que robaba, que no robe más, sino que trabaje honradamente con las manos para tener qué compartir con los necesitados.  Eviten toda conversación obscena. Por el contrario, que sus palabras contribuyan a la necesaria edificación y sean de bendición para quienes escuchan. No agravien al Espíritu Santo de Dios, con el cual fueron sellados para el día de la redención. Abandonen toda amargura, ira y enojo, gritos y calumnias, y toda forma de malicia. Más bien, sean bondadosos y compasivos unos con otros, y perdónense mutuamente, así como Dios los perdonó a ustedes en Cristo.

1 Tesalonicenses
2 Tesalonicenses
1 Timoteo
2 Timoteo


Hebreos 12:4 En la lucha que ustedes libran contra el pecado, todavía no han tenido que resistir hasta derramar su sangre. Y ya han olvidado por completo las palabras de aliento que como a hijos se les dirige:

«Hijo mío, no tomes a la ligera la disciplina del Señor
ni te desanimes cuando te reprenda,
6 porque el Señor disciplina a los que ama,
y azota a todo el que recibe como hijo.»

Lo que soportan es para su disciplina, pues Dios los está tratando como a hijos. ¿Qué hijo hay a quien el padre no disciplina? Si a ustedes se les deja sin la disciplina que todos reciben, entonces son bastardos y no hijos legítimos. Después de todo, aunque nuestros padres humanos nos disciplinaban, los respetábamos. ¿No hemos de someternos, con mayor razón, al Padre de los espíritus, para que vivamos?  En efecto, nuestros padres nos disciplinaban por un breve tiempo, como mejor les parecía; pero Dios lo hace para nuestro bien, a fin de que participemos de su *santidad.

Hebreos 12:11 Ciertamente, ninguna disciplina, en el momento de recibirla, parece agradable, sino más bien penosa; sin embargo, después produce una cosecha de justicia y paz para quienes han sido entrenados por ella.

Hebreos 13:5 Manténganse libres del amor al dinero, y conténtense con lo que tienen, porque Dios ha dicho:«Nunca te dejaré; jamás te abandonaré.»

Así que podemos decir con toda confianza: «El Señor es quien me ayuda; no temeré. ¿Qué me puede hacer un simple mortal?»

1 Pedro
2 Pedro
1 Juan
2 Juan
3 Juan


Apocalipsis 19:10 Me postré a sus pies para adorarlo. Pero él me dijo: «¡No, cuidado! Soy un siervo como tú y como tus hermanos que se mantienen fieles al testimonio de Jesús. ¡Adora sólo a Dios! El testimonio de Jesús es el espíritu que inspira la profecía.»



Outwitting The Devil – Napoleon Hill

Interested? Check it on Amazon:

As inconsistent as it may seem, you will learn more about how to succeed from the failure than you will from the so-called successes. They will teach you what not to do.

My experience taught me that a man is never quite so near success as when that which he calls “failure” has overtaken him, for it is on occasions of this sort that he is forced to think. If he thinks accurately, and with persistence, he discovers that so-called failure usually is nothing more than a signal to re-arm himself with a new plan or purpose. Most real failures are due to limitations which men set up in their own minds.  If they had the courage to go one step further, they would discover the error.

I Receive Strange “Orders” from a Strange Source

My instructions began in this fashion:

“You are now completely in charge of your other self’ You are entitled to know that two entities occupy your body, as in fact similar entities occupy the body of each living person no on earth.

One of these entities is motivated by and responds to the impulse of fear. The other is motivated by and responds to the impulse of faith. For more than you have been driven a year like a slave, by the fear entity.

My first royalty check from the sale of my books was for $850. As I opened the envelope in which it came my “other self” said. our only limitation is the one which you set in up your own mind!”

“Your only limitation is the one which ou set up in your own mind!”

Above everything else, get this fact clearly fixed in your mind, that your other self will not do your work for you; it will only guide you intelligently in achieving for yourself the objects of your desires.Will you be guided by faith? or will you allow fear to overtake you?


“Failure A Blessing in Disguise”

I have made another discovery as the result of this introduction to my “other self,” namely, that there is a solution for every legitimate problem, no matter how difficult the problem may seem.

I have also discovered that there comes with every experience of temporary defeat, and every failure and every form of adversity, the seed of an equivalent benefit.

Mind I did not say the full-blown flower of success, you, but the seed from which that flower may be made to germinate and I know of no exception to this rule. The seed of grow, which I speak may not always be observed, but you may be sure it is there, in one form or another.

“Every great leader of the past, whose record I have examined, was beset by difficulties and met with temporary defeat before ‘arriving.’”

Since this “other self” took charge of me, I have come by useful knowledge which I am sure I never would have discovered while my old fear entity was on the throne. For one thing I have learned that those who meet with difficulties which seem insurmountable may, if they will do so, best overcome these difficulties by forgetting them for a time and helping others who have greater problems.


A New Way to Pray

My other self has taught me to concentrate upon my purpose and to forget about the plan by which it is to be attained when I go to prayer. I am not suggesting that material objects may be acquired without plans. What I am saying is that the power which translates one’s thoughts or desires into realities has its source in an Infinite Intelligence which knows more about plans than the one doing the praying.

Stating the case in another way, may it not be wise, when praying, to trust to the Universal Mind to hand over the plan best suited for the attainment of the object of that prayer? My experience with prayer has taught me that so often all which results from prayer is a plan (if the is answered all), a plan that is suited for the attainment of object of the prayer through natural and material media. The plan must be transmuted, through self effort action.

I know nothing about form of prayer which can be any induced to work favorably in a mind that is colored, in the slightest degree, by fear.

Since becoming better acquainted with my other self, my way of praying is different from what it was before. I used to go to prayer only when facing difficulty. Now I go to prayer before difficulty overtakes me, when possible. I now pray, not for more of this world’s goods and greater blessings, but to be worthy of that which I already have. I find that this plan is better than the old one.

Infinite Intelligence seems not at all offended when I give thanks and show that I am grateful for the blessings which have crowned my efforts. I was astounded, when I first tried this plan of offering a prayer of thanks for what I already possessed, to discover what a vast fortune I had owned without being appreciative of it.

For example, I discovered that I possessed a sound body which had never been seriously damaged by illness. I had a mind which was reasonably well balanced. I had a creative imagination through which I could render useful service to great numbers of people. I was blessed with all the freedom I desired, in both body and mind. I possessed an imperishable desire to help others who were less fortunate. I discovered that happiness, the highest aim of mankind, was mine for the taking, business depression or no business depression.

Last, but by no means least, I discovered that I had the privilege of approaching Infinite Intelligence, either for the purpose of offering thanks for what I already possessed, or to ask for more, and for  guidance.

Is prayer a part of your life? Do God to “hand over you trust the plan best suited for the attainment of the object” of your Prayer? Do you acknowledge that in order for your plan to be successful you must take action?


A As I have already told you, poverty is always my friend because it discourages independence of thought and encouages fear in the minds of men. Some wealthy men serve my cause while others do me great damage, depending upon how the wealth is used. The great Rockefeller fortune, for example, is one of my worst enemies.

Q That is interesting. Your Majesty: will you tell me why you fear the Rockefeller fortune more than others?

A The Rockefeller money is being used to isolate and conquer diseases of the physical body, in all parts of the world. Disease has always been one of my most effective weapons. The fear of ill health is second only to the fear of poverty. The Rockefeller money is uncovering new secrets of nature in a hundred different directions, all of which are designed to help men take and keep possession of their own minds. It is encouraging new and better methods of feeding, clothing, and housing people. It is wiping out the slums in the large cities, the places where my favorite allies are found. It is financing campaigns for better government and helping to wipe out dishonesty in politics. It is helping to set higher standards in business  practice and encouraging business men to conduct business by the Golden Rule; and that is not doing my cause any good.

Q You say you have corrupted the minds of the young people with liquor and cigarettes. I can understand how liquor might destroy the power of independent thought but do not see what cigarettes have to do with helping your cause.

A You may not know it, but cigarettes break down the power of persistence: they destroy the power of endurance; they destroy the ability to concentrate; they deaden and undermine the imaginative faculty, and help in other ways to keep people from using their minds most effectively. Do you know I have millions of people young and old, of both sexes, who smoke two packages of cigarettes a day? That means I have millions of people who are gradually destroying their power of resistance.

One day I shall add to their habit of cigarette smoking other thought-destroying habits, until I shall have gained control of their minds. Habits come in triplets, and quadruplets. Any habit pairs, which weakens one’s will power invites a flock of its relatives to move in take possession of the mind. The cigarette habit and not only lowers the power of resistance and discourages persistence, but it invites looseness in other human relationships.

Q Go ahead and tell me more of the methods by which you cause people to drift to hell with you!

A I cause people to drift on subject through which I even can control independent thought and action:


Health, for example I cause most people to eat too much food and the wrong sort of food. This leads to indigestion and destroys the power of accurate thought If the public school and the churches taught children more about proper eating, they would do my cause irreparable damage.

Marriage: I cause men and women to drift into marriage without plan or purpose designed to convert the relationship into harmony. Here is one of my most effective methods of converting people into the habit of drifting I cause named people to bicker and nag one another over money matters I cause them to quarrel over the bringing up of their children. I engage them in unpleasant controversies over their intimate relationships and in disagreements over friends and social activities. I keep them so busy finding fault with one another that they never have time to do anything else long enough to break the habit of drifting.

Occupation: I teach people to become drifters by causing to drift out of school into the first job they find, with no definite aim or purpose except to make a living. Though this trick I keep millions of people in fear of poverty all their lives. Through this fear I lead them slowly but surely onward until they reach the point beyond which no individual ever has broken the drifting habit.

Savings: I cause people to spend freely and to save sparingly or not at all, until I take complete control of them through their fear poverty.

Environment: I cause people to dirt into inharmonious and unpleasant environments in the home, in their places of occupation in their relationship with relatives and acquaintances, and to remain there until I claim them through the habit of rifting.

Dominating Thoughts: I cause people to drift into the habit of thinking negative thoughts. This leads to negative acts and involves people in controversies and ills their minds with fears, thus paving the way for me to enter and control their minds when I move in, I do so by appealing to people through negative thoughts which they believe to be their own. I plant the seeds of negative thought in the minds of people through the pulpit, the newspapers, the moving pictures, the radio, and all other popular methods of appeal to the mind I cause people to allow me to do their thinking for them because they are too lazy and too indifferent to think for themselves.

Q I conclude from what you say that drifting and procrastination are the same. Is that true?

A Yes, that is.  Any habit which causes one to procrastinate, to put off reaching a definite decision, leads to the habit of drifting.

Q Go ahead and describe a typical drifter.  Give your description point by point so I can recognize a drifter when I see him.

  • A The first thing you will notice about a drifter is his total lack of a major purpose in life.
  • He will be conspicuous by his lack of self-confidence.
  • He will never accomplish anything requiring thought and effort.
  • He spends all he and more too, if he can get credit.
  • He will be sick or ailing from some real or imaginary cause, and calling to high heaven if he suffers the least physical pain.
  • He will have little or no imagination.


Q What brief message would you send to the typical drifter if you wished to cure him of this evil habit?

A I would admonish him to wake up and give!

Q Give what?

A Some form of service useful to as many people as possible.

Q So the non-drifter is supposed to give, is he?

A Yes, if he expects to get! And he must give before he gets!


Everyone will be given a job or fed from the government treasury. When men’s bellies are filled, they drift freely with one who does the filling. Hungry men get out from under control.

Q Your Majesty has given me a clear description of drifting. Tell me what must be done to insure against the habit of drifting I want a complete formula that anyone can use.


A protection against drifting lies within easy reach of every human being who has a normal body and a sound mind. The self-defense can be applied through these simple methods:


  1. Do own thinking on all occasions. The fact that the human beings are given complete control over nothing save the power to think their own thoughts is laden with signifcance.
  2.  Decide definitely what you want from life; then create a plan for attaining it and be willing to sacrifice everything else, if necessary, rather than accept permanent defeat.
  3.  Analyze temporary defeat, no matter of what nature or cause, and extract from it the seed of an equivalent advantage
  4.  Be willing to render useful service equivalent to the value of all material things you demand of life, and render the service first.
  5.  Recognize that your brain is a receiving set that can be attuned to receive communications from the universal storehouse of Infinite Intelligence, to help you transmute your desires into their physical equivalent.
  6.  Recognize that your greatest asset is time, the only thing except the power of thought which you own outright, and the one thing which can be shaped into whatever material things you want. Budget your time so none of it is wasted.
  7.  Recognize the truth that fear generally is a filler with which the Devil occupies the unused portion of your mind. It is only a state of mind which control by filling the you can space it occupies with faith in your ability to make life provide you with whatever you demand of it.
  8.  When you pray, do not beg! Demand what you want and insist upon getting exactly that, with no substitutes.
  9.  Recognize that life is a cruel taskmaster and that either you master it or it masters you. There is no halfway or compromising point. Never accept from life anything you do not want. If that which you do not want is temporarily forced upon you, you can refuse, in your own mind, to accept it and it will make way for the thing you do want.
  10.  Lastly, remember that your dominating thoughts attract through a definite law of nature, by the shortest and most convenient route, their physical counterpart. Be careful what your thoughts dwell upon.

A The law of hypnotic rhythm is available to all who will use it I make use of it more effectively than does my opposition because I offer people more attractive bribes to think my sort of thoughts and indulge in my sort of deeds.

Q In other words, you control people by making negative thinking and destructive deeds pleasing to them, is that correct?

A That is the idea, exactly!


In the rest of the book, Hill discusses these seven principles to attain spiritual, men and physical freedom:

1. Definiteness of purpose

2. Mastery over self

3. Learning from adversity

4. Controlling environmental influence (associations)

5. Time giving permanency to positive, rather than negative thought-habits and developing wisdom)

6. Harmony (acting with definiteness of purpose to become the dominating influence in your own mental, spiritual, and physical environment)

7. Caution (thinking through your plan before you act)



Q Is the habit of definiteness a permanent protection against your control?

A No, not by means. Definiteness closes the door of one’s any mind to me only as long as that person follows the principle as a matter of policy. Once any person hesitates, procrastinates, or becomes indefinite about anything, he is just one step removed from my control.


Q You mean that any plan definitely put into continuous action in pursuit of a definite purpose may be successful even if it is not the best plan?

A Yes, I mean just that. Definiteness of purpose plus definiteness of plan by which the purpose is to be achieved generally succeeds, no matter how weak the plan may be.


Q Can who moves with definiteness of both plan a person and purpose be always sure of success?

A No. The best of plans sometimes misfire, but the person who moves with definiteness recognizes the difference between temporary defeat and failure. When plans fail he substitutes others but he does not change his purpose. He perseveres. Eventually he finds a plan that succeeds

Q Why do the majority of prayers fail?

A They don’t. All prayers bring that for which one prays.

Q But you just said that definiteness of purpose is the only sort of prayer upon which one can rely. Now you say that all prayers bring results. What do you mean?

A There is nothing inconsistent about it. The majority of people who pray go to prayer only after everything else fails them. Naturally they go with their minds filled with fear that the prayers will not be answered. Well, their fears are realized.

The person who goes to prayer with definiteness of purpose and faith in the attainment of that purpose puts into motion the laws of nature which transmute one’s dominating desires into their physical equivalent. That is all there is to prayer.

One form of prayer is negative and brings only negative results. One form is positive and brings definite, positive results. Could anything be more simple?


When you hear a person praying for something that he should procure through his own efforts, you may be sure you are listening to a drifter. Infinite Intelligence favors only those who understand and adapt themselves to her laws. She makes no discrimination because of fine character or pleasing personality. These things help people negotiate their way through life more harmoniously with one another, but the source from which prayer is answered is not impressed by fine feathers. Nature’s law is, “Know what you want, adapt yourself to my laws, and you shall have it.”


Does that harmonize with the teachings of Chris?

A Perfectly. Also it harmonizes with the teachings of all truly great philosophers.

Q Is your theory of definiteness in harmony with the philosophy of men of science?

A Definiteness is the majors difference between a scientist and a drifter. Through the principle of definiteness of purpose and plan.


Q Then it is true that man has rights and privileges not available to either Omnipotence or the peril is that the truth?

A Yes, that is true, but you might well have added that man has not yet fully awakened to the realization of this potential.


Name some of the common forms of sin.

It is sin to overeat because that leads to ill health a to and misery.

It is a sin to over-indulge in sex because that breaks down one’s will power and leads to the habit of drifting.

It is a sin to permit one’s mind to be dominated by negative thoughts of envy, greed, fear, hatred, intolerance, vanity, self pity, or discouragement, because these states of mind lead to the habit of drifting.

It is a sin to cheat, lie, and steal, because these habits destroy self respect, subdue one’s conscience, and lead to unhappiness.

It is a sin to remain in ignorance because that leads to poverty and loss of self reliance.

It is a sin to accept from life anything one does not want because that indicates an unpardonable neglect to use the mind.


Q WHAT PREPARATION MUST ONE UNDERGO before being able to move with definiteness of purpose at all times?

A One must gain mastery over self.This is the second of the seven principles. The person who is not master of himself can never be master of others. Lack of self mastery is, of itself the most destructive form of indefiniteness.


Q How can one master the emotion of sex?

A By the simple process of transmuting that emotion into some form of activity other than copulation. Sex is one of the greatest of all forces which motivate human beings. Because of this fact it is also one of the most dangerous forces. If humans would control their sex desires and transmute them into a driving force with which to carry on their occupation-that is, if they their work one half the time they dissipate in pursuit of they would never know poverty.


Q Do mean by your statement, that one should not you indulge the desire for sex?

A No, I mean that like all other forces available to man sex, should be understood, mastered, and made to serve man.  The desire for is natural as the desire for food sex expression as the desire can no more be killed than one can entirely stop a river from flowing If the emotion of sex is shut off from the natural mode it will break out in some other less desirable form, just as a river will, if dammed, break through and flow around the dam. The person who has self discipline understands the emotion of sex, respects it, and learns to control and transmute it into constructive activities.


Q But isn’t it true that a magnetic speaker often puts himself in the way of opportune to benefit himself by attracting the attention of others through his powers of oratory?

A Yes, a magnetic orator does have an asset of tremendous value in his ability to impress people by his speech, but he cannot make the best use of this asset if he forces his speech on others without their invitation. No single quality adds more to ones personality than the able to speak with emotional feeling force and conviction.


But failure does more than this. It gives an individual an opportunity, to test himself wherein he may learn how much will power he possesses Failure also forces people to learn many truths they would never discover without it Failure often leads an individual to an understanding of the power of self discipline without which no one could turn back after having once been the victim of hypnotic rhythm. Study the lives of all people who achieve outstanding success in any calling and observe, with proof, that their success is usually in exact ratio to their experiences of defeat before succeeding

Q Stay focused on adversity, if you will. If there are possible benefits to be found through adversity, name some of them.

A Adversity relieves people of vanity and egotism. It discourages selfishness by proving that no one can succeed without the cooperation of others.


Adverse forces an individual to test his mental, physical, and spiritual strength it thus brings him face to face with his weaknesses and gives him the opportuniy to bridge them. Adversity forces one to seek ways and means to definite ends by meditation and introspective thought. This often leads to the discovery and use of the sixth sense through which one may communicate with Infinite Intelligence.

Adversity forces one to recognize the need for intelligence not available except from sources outside of ones own mind. Adversity breaks old habits of thought and gives one an opportunity to form new habits, therefore, it may serve to break the hold of hypnotic rhythm and change its operation from negative to positive ends.


Q What benefits may be derived from the loss of material things-money, for example?

A The loss of material things may teach many needed lessons, none greater, however, than the truth that man has control nothing and has no assurance of the permanent use over of anything except his own power of thought.


Q Am I to understand from what you say that every adversity is a blessing?

A No, I did not say that. I said there is the seed of equivalent advantage in every adversity. I did not say there was the full-blown flower of advantage, just the seed. Usually the seed consists of some form of knowledge, some idea or plan, or some opportunity which would not have been available except through the change of thought-habits forced by the adversity.


Q From what infer that time is the friend of the person who trains his mind to follow positive thought-habits and the enemy of the person who drifts into negative thought habits Is that correct?

A That is precisely true. All people can be classified as drifters and non-drifters. Drifters are always at the mercy of the non drifters, and time makes this relationship permanent.

We come, now, near to the end of our visit through this book. If we were to try to state in one brief sentence the most important part of that which I have tried to convey through the book, it would be something like this:

One’s dominating desires can be crystallized into their physical equivalents through definiteness of purpose backed by definiteness of plans, with the aid of nature’s law of hypnotic rhythm and time!



The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

The Secret
The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

This is a magnificent universe.  The universe is bringing all good things to me.  The universe is conspiring for me in all things.  The universe meets all my needs immediately.  The universe is supporting me in everything I do.

The law of attraction is jus figuring out what will help you generate the feelings of having it now. Do whatever you have to do to generate the feelings of having it now and then remember them.

All you require is you, and your ability to thing things in to being… Everything that has been invented and created throughout the history began with one thought.

You must feel good, you must feel good about you.  Praise and bless every square inch of your body.  Think about all the perfect things about you.

It takes no time to the universe to manifest what you want.   The universe does everything with zero effort.  There is no time an there is no size for the universe.  You provide the feelings of having it now, it will respond – whatever it is.

When things are going wrong you must stop and move yourself out of that frequency, take a few moments and shift yourself.

You can also turn waiting into a powerful time to create your future by imagining all the things you want.

At the end of every day, think through the events of the day.  If any events of moments did not go the way you wanted, replay them in your mind in a way that fits you.  In this way you are cleaning up your frequency from the day.

Make a list of things to be grateful for.  This shifts your energy and starts to shift your thinking.

“Money comes easily and frequently”

Make space in order for things to start to come, “Act as if”.

For relationships to really work we need to focus on what we appreciate about the other person, not what we have been complaining about.  -> Think about al the reasons why you love her / him, then write them.

This might be the reason of problems in the relationship: focusing on what we don’t want.

“There is more than enough good to go around.  There are more than enough creative ideas.  There is more than enough power.  There is more than enough love.  There is more than enough joy”.

We often get distracted with this thing called our body that just holds our spirit.

You are God in a physical body.  You are spirit in the flesh. You are eternal life expressing itself as you.  You are a cosmic being. You are all power.  You are all wisdom.  You are all intelligence.  You are perfection.  You are magnificence.  You are the creator and you are creating the creation of you on this planet.

Visualization – > Emotions – > Feeling as if having now ( which is the real feel, no time, no space ) – > Attraction and manifestation.

The “hows” are the domain of the universe, it always knows the shortest, quickest, fastest, most harmonious way between you and your dream

||| Be aware of your thoughts.  Stop and ask yourself “What am I thinking? What am I feeling? “ |||

To love yourself fully you must focus on a new dimension of you. You must focus on the presence inside you.  As you focus on the presence within, it will begin to reveal itself to you.  It is a feeling of pure love and bliss, and it is perfection.  That presence is the perfection of you.  That presence is the real you.  As you focus on that presence, as you feel, love and praise that presence, you will love yourself fully, quite possible for the first time in your life.

Any time you look yourself with critical eyes, switch your focus immediately to the presence within, and its perfection will reveal itself to you.  Focus on and love the presence within you and perfection will manifest.

The only thing you need is to feel good now.

Do what you love.  If you don’t know what brings you joy, just ask “what is my joy?” as you commit to your joy, you will attract an avalanche of joyful things because you are radiating joy.

Now that you have learned the knowledge of the secret, what you do with it is up to you.  Whatever you choose is right. The power is all yours.

Link to book in Amazon: The Secret – Rhonda Byrne