Ingresos Abril 2016

Ingresos Abril 2016
Ingresos Abril 2016



Ingresos Online mes de Abril 2016:


Sitio Naranja:

Referidos: $350

Sitio de Películas:

Como el ingreso de Adsense es tan poco ( tan solo unos centavos al mes ) he decidido no incluirlo hasta que no sea significativo.


No tuve gastos relacionados con el negocio en este mes 🙂

Total Ingresos Netos:  $350 dólares. 🙂

Negocios en la Era Digital – Luis Eduardo Barón and others

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La implementación rápida del conocimiento es lo que hace la diferencia entre el éxito y la parálisis, entre la zona de confort o desafiar el sistema, entre la prosperidad y seguir viviendo las angustias del día a día. Consigue un mentor o dos, capacítate, asiste a eventos y lánzate a iluminar al mundo con tu conocimiento.

El mejor momento para publicar un video o un artículo es hoy y entre más y más frecuente lo hagas mejores resultados vas a tener. Las plataformas pueden cambiar, las redes sociales de hoy puede que sean diferentes a las de mañana, pero el medio es lo de menos, lo importante es el contenido.

Mira qué desea la gente y dáselo. Esa es la clave del éxito, como dijo Andrew Carnegie, “a mí me gustan las fresas con crema, pero cuando voy a pescar uso lombrices de carnada porque a los peces les fascinan las lombrices, no las fresas con crema”. Dale a la gente lo que desea, no lo que a ti te gusta y verás cómo te van a adorar.

  1. El Primer Mandamiento: ¡Conoce a tu Cliente Ideal!
  2. El principal reto que enfrenta mi cliente ideal.
  3. La solución que mi cliente ideal necesita.

Estoy seguro de que en este momento te estás preguntando ¿Qué debe incluir cada elemento de la secuencia? Pues a continuación te lo revelo:

  1. E-mail Uno: Confirma tu registro (Es enviado en la mayoría de las veces en forma automática)
  2. E-mail Dos: Bienvenido  (Le agradeces por su registro y le compartes el acceso al incentivo)
  3. E-mail Tres: ¿Ya estás disfrutando de tu reporte especial? (Confirmas si ya lo ha descargado)
  4. E-mail Cuatro: Nombre 3 Ideas para ponerte en acción (Resumes la esencia de tu incentivo)
  5. E-mail Cinco: Mira quién ya está generando resultados (Compartes testimonios)
  6. E-mail Seis:  ¿Realmente estás comprometido?  (Ofreces una sesión de diagnóstico Gratis)
  7. E-mail Siete: ¡Estoy sorprendido! (Sólo lo envías si no has recibido su aplicación).



How to Find a Profitable Blog Topic Idea – Steve Scott

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So how do you find a good hook? Start by looking at what’s currently popular in the marketplace. Your goal is to take each of the five blog ideas and match them to content that has already been published. Here are four tools that can help you do this: Tool #1:

Tool #2:

Tool #3: Niche-Related Forums

Tool #4: Competing Blogs


Step #1: Do Keyword Research

Step #2: Look for Competition

Competition is a good thing. Multiple websites and products in a market mean that someone is making money

Step #3: Locate Related Affiliate Products

** Clickbank ** Commission Junction ** ShareaSale ** Udemy ** E-Junkie

Step #4: Look for “Information Buyers”

You can find a variety of information products on sites like Clickbank, E-Junkie and Udemy. However, my favorite tool is

Step #5: Locate Software Solutions (Optional)

Step #6: Identify Multiple Problems

The long-term profitability of a niche is largely determined by how many problems the audience members experience.

The better solution is to go after a market that has a wide range of problems and obstacles.

Step #7: Look for Passionate People

Choose a Blog Idea with Five Simple Questions


– Question #1: Can You Generate 50 Article Ideas? 

Get out a piece of paper and a timer. Set the timer to 10 minutes and then write down every possible topic you’d like to cover for a potential blog. If you can crank out 50 ideas in a few minutes, then this shows you have a decent level of interest on this subject.

– Question #2: Can You Be a Unique Voice?
– Question #3: Can You Become an Authority?
– Questions #4: Can You Identify Common Problems?

That’s why it is important to get inside their heads and figure what they really want. You can do this by answering three simple questions:

*1. What are their goals?

*2. What are their obstacles?

*3. What are their fears?

You can figure out what people want by looking at the questions they ask. Here are a few tools that can help: ** Yahoo Answers ** AllTop ** EzineArticles ** Niche related forums ** Niche related blogs

– Question #5: Who is Your Customer Avatar?

To illustrate this point, here is a (not so brief) list of the mistakes I’ve made while developing my blog:

Mistake #1: I didn’t pick a niche that focused on a specific topic. Instead, I registered the name and hoped for the best.

Mistake #2: I didn’t plan out my content strategy. Instead, I wrote whatever popped into my head at that moment. The end result was that I had a variety of articles on personal development, Internet entrepreneurship, physical fitness and life success.

Mistake #3: I wrote vague content for over a year (2010) that didn’t target a specific type of audience. Most visitors didn’t stick around because they couldn’t find a uniform theme to my content.

Mistake #4: The next year (2011) I create content that talked about building niche sites – right at the time when Google changed their algorithm and basically killed this income model.

Mistake #5: In early 2012, I developed content as an authority affiliate marketer. The problem? I was moving away from the affiliate stuff and getting into Kindle publishing and app development.

The ultimate decision comes from your gut. Think carefully about these questions: ** Can you talk about this subject for the next few years? ** Do you feel excited about helping people in this market? ** Are you always thinking about this topic? ** Can this blog become your life’s work?

** Can this blog become your life’s work?

Really, the whole thing can be boiled down to finding something that is a perfect balance between passion and profitability. To get started, I recommend you do these things: Pick one of the three types of authority you’d like to demonstrate. Brainstorm topics that directly relate to your personal passions. Eliminate any ideas where you can’t commit to three or more years of blogging. Identify hooks for your top five blog ideas. Determine the profitability of a topic in seven simple steps. Choose your topic by asking five questions. Take action on your idea and don’t let fear control you.

Stealth Marketing – Jay Abraham

Marketing is what happens while you’re being good to your customers. What could be more satisfying than being “good” to someone by fulfilling his/her needs? What could be more “noble” than telling the truth about your product? What could be more rewarding than making money — lots of money — at the same time?

Concept Number One: People are silently begging to be led. They are crying out to know more about a business’ product or service.

Concept Number Two: Tell people what specific action to take.

Concept Number Four: Advertising is nothing more than salesmanship.

Concept Number Six: Bonuses can make a profound contribution to your overall sales proposition.

Concept Number Seven: Turn the table on the risk factor when making a sales proposition.

Marketing Mistake Number One: Not testing.

Direct-response advertising’s very name is self-explanatory. It is designed to evoke an immediate response or action — a visit, a call, or a purchasing decision from the viewer or reader. Direct-response advertising tells a complete story. It presents factual, specific reasons why your company, product, or service is superior to all others on an analytically and factually supported basis, as opposed to the mere conjecture used in institutional advertising. Direct-response advertising is salesmanship in print or over the air.

Marketing Mistake Number Three: Not ascertaining and developing your “Unique Selling Proposition” (USP) and articulating it clearly as an integral part of all of your marketing.

Marketing Mistake Number Four: Not having a “back-end.”

Marketing Mistake Number Five: Failing to determine and address your customers’ and prospects’ needs.

Let your customers tell you which specific needs they most want filled, then determine which of those needs you can actually fill. Then, don’t merely fill those needs silently. Make sure your customers, prospects, salespeople, and your entire marketplace learn that your business listened and that you finally did something to satisfy the needs of your customers. Continuously (albeit tactfully) inform, educate, and outright “point out” that your company is filling those needs for your customers. Change your ads to feature these specific need-filling advantages. Have your field or in-store salespeople point out what you are doing. Send out letters that do the same. Phone your customers and inform them that you’re prepared to fill their needs. Once you determine precisely what your customers’ needs are and you commit to fulfilling those needs, then do it.

Marketing Mistake Number Six: Forgetting, or never recognizing, that you have to both sell and “educate” your way out of a business problem. You can’t just cut the price.

Marketing Mistake Number Seven: Failing to make doing business with your company easy, appealing, desirable, and even fun.

Marketing Mistake Number Eight: Failing to tell customers the “reason why.” Whenever you make an offer, ask for a sale, run an ad, have a salesperson make a proposition to a customer or prospect, or offer a product or service for sale at a specific price, always tell the reason why.

Most ads or commercials produce only a modest percentage return every time they are run. Direct-response ads usually produce a .5% to 3% response. You may have to run them 200 times before you even begin to saturate your market. Just because you are sick of seeing, hearing, or watching the same marketing does not mean your marketplace is also sick of it.

Remember these points: 1) Attract the attention of your target audience in your headline or opening remarks. 2) State your proposition or offer. 3) Use the rest of the ad to develop, support, and present your offer and your reasons why the prospect should embrace it. 4) Finally, tell the prospect how to act. From now on, always telegraph your message only to the people who are your primary prospects. And never again be content with humorous, nonspecific, or abstract headlines or ads.

Stealth Marketing Technique #6: Bump and Upsell I almost laugh at this technique. It’s so easy, effective and a veritable “no-brainer,” that it’s amazing so few people employ it. If you offer every customer you sell a better or added deal right at the point of sale — like a larger quantity at an advantageous price…or a package of items or services in addition to the one the customer is buying — 30% to 40% of the customers you offer it to will say “yes.” This simple little technique could immensely “double” your profit and quadruple your cash flow effortlessly.

When a relationship goes bad, don’t lower yourself to the other person’s level of conduct. Rather, ask yourself, “How can I nobly conduct myself at the end?”

We just took for granted that they were in the bag and we had a franchised, guaranteed perpetual lock on their money. And you should learn from this instruction, because it cost us $75,000. We never got those customers back. You can’t take a customer relationship for granted.

There is a well-known formula for writing a sales letter. It’s the AIDA formula: 1) Grab the reader’s ATTENTION 2) Deepen the reader’s INTEREST 3) Increase the reader’s DESIRE 4) Motivate the reader to ACTION.


Rapid Niche Profits

The first requirement I have when selecting a niche to target is it must have a bare minimum of 100 exact match, global, monthly searches according to the Google keyword tool.

hovering your cursor over “Medium” (in this case) causes a number to appear. The higher that number, the more relevant Google ads there are available to show on a site in that niche that runs Google adsense.

It’s very simple. Find the Google Toolbar PageRank of each of the top 10 competitors for the keyword you’re researching, add them all up and divide them by 10. If the final number is below 2.5 then there is a good chance that you can obtain a top 10 ranking with basic, manual backlinking (

The first thing I do is see if Article Builder (AB) ( has content in the niche the site is targeting.

I don’t have a set standard for this, but adding 3 or 4 articles a month (after the initial 5) to a profitable site is the goal. for the contact page I use the new “Jet Pack” plugin that WordPress offers for free. It makes it super easy to make contact forms with the click of a button. For the privacy page (I sometimes call it a “Disclaimer” page I generate the content for it at

To do this, click “Links” when logged into WordPress, delete all of the links that are put in there by default. Click “Add New” then click “Add New Category.”

Adsense Ad Unit Placement: There are three spots on the site that I add adsense units to: 1. Directly below the post title and above the post content
2. Directly below the post content
3. Towards the bottom of the sidebar #1 and #2 are always 468×60 ad units and #3 is any horizontal ad unit that fits in the sidebar (each theme has its own sidebar size, so this depends on the theme you’re using.) I always match the background and border of the ad with the background of the theme where the ad will be placed. I use a cool Firefox plugin called “Colorzilla” ( to do this quickly. And I try to match the title with the color of the sidebar etc. links that the theme uses.

These days you need to publish articles with a minimum of 400 words or risk lower rankings and even no rankings.

For years you could use content that was almost 100% duplicate and you could get it to rank easily with some solid link building. Now your content needs to be at least mostly unique (I recommend at least 75% unique)

These days you definitely need to use 4 or 5 (minimum) different variations of your keyword along with some generic phrases like “click here” or “visit this authority site” (for example.)

DeepLinkerPro ( for the web directory submissions (DLP will be offering more than just directory submissions in the near future.) It allows me to use varied anchor text and it also allows me to drip feed the submissions over time to make it all look as natural as possible. For the rest I use LexorSoft ( It’s

I recently started using Guest Post Hunter ( for the sites that turn out to be money makers. (his blog) and entering your name and email towards the top. You’ll receive “Post Panda Article Marketing” free of charge for signing up.

My Rapid Niche Profits techniques are based off of valuable niches that have at least 100 exact match monthly searches per month according to Google and have profit potential. in combination with the Google Keyword Tool