Elon Musk – Ashlee Vance

Elon Musk - Ashlee Vance

The only thing that makes sense to do is strive for a greater collective enlightenment. Elon Musk.

I really like computer games, but then if I made really great computer games, how much effect would that have on the world, it wouldn’t have a big effect. Even though I have an intrinsic love of video games, I couldn’t bring myself to do that as a career.

That is part of what separates Elon from mere mortals, he is willing to take an insane amount of personal risk. When you do a deal like that, it either pays off or you end up in a bus shelter somewhere.

He vented about this in the factory one night, unaware that Musk stood nearby and could hear everything. Two hours later Mary Beth Brown appeared with an appointment card to see a Lasik eye surgery specialist. When Hollman visited the doctor, he discovered that Musk had already agreed to pay for the surgery. “Elon can be very demanding, but he will make sure the obstacles in your way are removed”
One of my favorite things about Elon is his ability to make enormous decisions very quickly. That is still how it works today.

We are trying to have a really big impact on the space industry. If the rules are such that you can’t make progress, then you have to fight the rules.

Rich Brother, Rich Sister – Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Brother Rich Sister

Search books by Dr R Buckminister Fuller.

America is a great county if you have money. If you are poor America can be a tough place to live.

Book: See you at the top, by Zig Ziglar.

Dr Fuller said that a life of specialization could easily become a life of obsolescence. And the more specialized you are, the less people you could serve. He thought it was better to be a generalist rather than a specialist. Specialists look at the world from a narrow point of view while generalists see the big picture.

I don’t think being poor makes me any more spiritual. In fact, when I was poor the circumstance actually robbed me of my spirit.

Its hard to have spiritual power when you are unethical or amoral.

For there to be precession, there must be motion in a direction.  People who are sedentary, not moving, or doing the same thing day after day, have little precession.

Since one’s heaven can be another person’s hell, the question is, what creates a person’s heaven or hell?  While there are many possible answers, one answer is happiness… or the lack of it.

So what is your gift? When I am asked about ho to find one’s gift, I simply reply, “If you had all the money in the world, what would you do for the rest of your life? What would make your heart sing?” I also say “One of the reasons a person does not give or use their gift is because they have been trained to go to school and get a job to earn money.  So the question is, What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about money?”

Why do bad things happen to good people? After something is lost, or something bad happens, I often hear people ask that question.  I follow Dr Fuller’s idea that “good and bad are meaningless.” I now know that all things, good or bad, are blessings.  For example, crashing into the ocean gave me life.  Going broke made me rich. Losing my first wife made me a better husband for Kim. Getting fat made me a healthier person today.

The following steps may assist you in finding your spiritual family.  The first step is to ask yourself “What am I willing to give my life to?” The answer to this question may take some soul-searching but the moment you begin to find your answers, you will begin to find your spiritual family.

The second step is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • If money were no object, would I continue to work at my job?
  • If money were no object, would I work at my job for free?
  • If the answers are “no” to the first two questions, then what would you work at forever and for free?
  • If you are not willing to work forever and for free, then the chances are you have not yet found your soul’s purpose for your life.  If there is something else you would rather do, maybe you should do it.

Its difficult to earn more if you have stopped learning and growing.

Whenever you feel fear, it may mean you are approaching the boundary of what you know and what you do not know.  If you backdown or step back, your growing stops because your learning stops.

Don’t work with “corpse-people”. If you are working for a corpse-o-ration, government or business, be careful. There are people who feed on your fear of losing your job and your need of money. Oftentimes these people give you the creeps or heebie-jeebies. That’s your spirit talking, telling you to be aware. If you stay too long, working only for a paycheck, promotion, or retirement, your soul will be long gone.

I found that when I focused on serving others, blessings other than money came to me. Sometimes the blessings came in the form of bad people or disasters, which is how I learned that something good always came from something bad.  Actually, I found I learned more from my disasters than my miracles.

As Warren Buffet often says, “If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money”.

Most of use know that the most dangerous words in business are: “Trust Me”.  When you hear those words grab your purse or wallet and hang on tight.  Others are “I have integrity”, “I am here to help”, “I’m behind you all the way”.

I have always believed that stress is how intelligence works.



Miracles Happen – Mary Kay Ash

Miracles Happen - Mary Kay Ash

Sadly, most people live and die with their music still unplayed. They never dare to try. Why? Because the lack of self confidence.  Women, specially, have so much potential they never tap.

I have found that successful people are never afraid to try, because they are never afraid to try.  One of my favorite expressions is “we fail forward to success”.

I believe you can have anything you want in this world, but yes, you do have to pay a price.

Recognition was as vital to me as money. I believed that even if they would not work that hard for money, there were women who would work very hard for recognition.  Because I wanted a company that utilized the best elements of competition, I carefully avoided contests in which there could be only one, two, or three winners. I am convinced that competition is more productive when you are competing with yourself. So at Mary Kay cosmetics, everyone can be a winner!

Symbols should be both pretty and useful.

We use the “Go-Give”principle when we teach our consultants the art of customer relations. We constantly stress that a Consultant must never have dollar signs in her eyes or think “How much can I sell these people today?” Instead she must think “What can I do today so these women will leave feeling better about themselves ? How can I help each woman develop a more positive self image?” We know that if a woman feels pretty on the inside, she becomes prettier on the inside, too. In addition she goes to become a better member of her family and of her community.

Another problem I intended to avoid is when people buy their products but only receive them 2-3 weeks after the purchase.  When I want something I want it now!

Many excellent sales representatives are lost, not because they are dishonest but because they are poor money managers.  May answer was to deal in cash.

We were ready for business, if we didn’t succeed, I knew I would be back working for someone for the rest of my life.

I stress that no matter how successful you are in your career, if you lose your family in the process of attaining that success, then you have failed.  Money is not worth sacrificing your family.

Early risings make an extra day a week. Then I realized that if I got up early six times a week, I’d have a nine day week!

If you are going to waste a day, just waste the living daylights out of it.  But if you are going to work, then work!  One intense hour of work is worth a dreamy day.

The world is full of people that are very quick to dream, but very slow to act.

No matter what you do, or how restricted your time is, you should always make the effort to look  your best. After all, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

If you give somebody a forty cent item in a $1 box with $100 worth of recognition, that is a thousand times more effective than giving a $100 item in the same box with forty cents of recognition!

No matter how much profit a company makes, if it doesn’t enrich the lives of its people, that company has failed.

Los Secretos del Hombre mas Rico del Mundo, Carlos Slim

Los Secretos del Hombre mas Rico del Mundo, Carlos Slim

Los Secretos del Hombre mas Rico del Mundo, Carlos Slim

Creo que la pobreza no se puede enfrentar a través de dádivas No puedes luchar contra este flagelo mediante donaciones deducibles de impuestos o con programas sociales. La pobreza la enfrentas solo con buena educación y con puestos de trabajo.

Como regalo de bodas Slim recibió un millón de pesos de parte de su mama, patrimonio con el cual compro un terreno en Polanco. Según la costumbre libanesa era para construir la casa de la nueva familia. Pero la nueva pareja concibió una variante de esa tradición: construyeron un edificio donde ocuparon un piso y rentaron los otros departamentos.

*** El secreto de este moderno rey Midas para hacerse multimillonario surgió de su admiración por la filosofía de algunos grandes financieros como Jean Paul Getty, Benjamin Graham y Warren Buffet.

Slim asimilo las enseñanzas de Benjamin Graham quien sostenía los siguientes principios:

El inversionista debe ponerse alguna clase de limite en el precio que paga.
Mucho mas importante que saber cuando comprar o cuando vender es saber cuando NO comprar.
Nadie le pregunta a un experto como conducir los negocios y su vida… menos la bolsa.

Existen tres ámbitos donde una persona educada debe conducirse como un descerebrado: la religión, la bolsa y las matemáticas En los tres casos no solo “queda bien” considerarse un perfecto ignorante, sino que incluso es de mala educación discutir.

En pocas palabras: El empresario solo es un administrador temporal de la riqueza.

La ocupación desplaza a la preocupación y los problemas al enfrentarlos desaparecen.

“La riqueza es como un huerto. Tienes que compartir el fruto, no los arboles”.

Slim fue de compras en medio de una de las mas severas crisis económicas de la historia moderna mexicana. Esto es, mientras los inversionistas extranjeros y locales intentaban deshacerse de sus activos a cualquier precio, Slim hizo lo contrario: compro empresas de minería, tiendas minoristas, fabricas de cable y mucho mas. Precisamente durante la crisis, construyo el mayor conglomerado económico del país: el Grupo Carso.

“Los malos tiempos son buenos, si sabes que hacer con ellos:  Era el mejor momento, nadie quería comprar y todos querían vender”.

Bajo la óptica de Slim los negocios son simples:

  1. Cuida a tus clientes.
  2. Invierte mucho.
  3. Controla tus costos y tus gastos.

Los diez principios básicos de su imperio, fueron tomados de las enseñanzas de su padre, Julián Slim Haddad:

  1. Estructuras simples, organizaciones con mínimos niveles jerárquicos, desarrollo humano y formación interna de las funciones ejecutivas. Flexibilidad y rapidez en las decisiones. Operar con las ventajas de la empresa pequeña, que son las que hacen grandes a las grandes empresas.
  2. Mantener la austeridad en tiempos de vacas gordas fortalece, capitaliza, y acelera el desarrollo de la empresa, asimismo, evita los amargos ajustes drásticos en las épocas de crisis.
  3. Siempre activos en la modernización, crecimiento, capacitación, calidad, simplificación, y mejora incansable de los procesos productivos. Incrementar la productividad, competitividad, reducir gastos y costos, guiados siempre por las mas altas referencias mundiales.
  4. La empresa nunca debe limitarse a la medida del propietario o administrador. No sentirnos grandes en nuestros pequeños coralitos Mínima inversión en activos no productivos.
  5. No hay reto que no podamos alcanzar trabajando unidos, con claridad de los objetivos y conociendo los instrumentos.
  6. El dinero que sale de la empresa se evapora. Por eso re-invertimos las utilidades.
  7. La creatividad empresarial no solo es aplicable a los negocios, sino también a la solución de muchos de los problemas de nuestros países Lo hacemos a través de las Fundaciones del Grupo.
  8. El optimismo firme y paciente siempre rinde frutos.
  9. Todos los tiempos son buenos para quienes saben trabajar y tienen con que hacerlo.
  10. Nuestra premisa es y siempre ha sido tener muy presente que nos vamos sin nada; que solo podemos hacer las cosas en vida y que el empresario es un creador de riqueza que la administra temporalmente.

*** Me recomendó dos libros, How to be rich de Paul Getty, y Supermoney de Adam Smith.

Todos los que suenan con el éxito quisieran que Carlos Slim les confiara como hizo su fortuna hasta llegar a la cima. Ante esto Slim responde que no hay nada oculto, que su secreto consiste en trabajar, ahorrar e invertir.

Cuando Slim es interrogado acerca de que se siente ser el hombre mas rico del mundo, Slim ha respondido “se trata de un asunto que no tiene relevancia por que no es una competencia, no estoy jugando fútbol Al fin al cabo nadie se lleva nada de este mundo al morir. Sin embargo la riqueza debe ser administrada con eficiencia, probidad, eficacia y sobriedad.

…en ese entorno se destaca la escultura “Los últimos días de Napoleón”, acerca de la cual Slim ha dicho a sus amigos que “esta ahí para que no se olvide tener los pies en la tierra”.

Para los autores de “The Millionaire Next Door” cerca del 80% de los estadounidenses que han logrado riqueza ha sido a través de la acumulación de un dólar a la vez, trazando y siguiendo un plan para volverse millonarios, con mucha autodisciplina, habilidades y sin perder el enfoque de sus objetivos. Lo importante es dar el primer paso, pues el primer millón de dolares es el mas difícil de conseguir.

En todo caso, cual seria su legado?
– “Mi principal legado serán mis hijos. Muchos piensan dejar un mejor país para sus hijos, yo pienso dejar mejores hijos para mi país”.

El investigador, seguramente, querría enlistar los secretos de este guru financiero que lo llevaron a ser el hombre mas rico del mundo, pero encontraría solo uno: negociar de manera inflexible hasta el ultimo centavo.

“Mi padre, me inculco principios morales y de responsabilidad social muy claros. Actuar con la mas estricta moralidad y honradez.”

A finales de 1952, cuando yo tenia 12 anos, y con el fin de administrar nuestros ingresos y egresos, mi papa nos estableció la obligación de llevar una librea de ahorros, que revisaba con nosotros cada semana.

“Si mis hijos hubieran querido ser boxeadores o atletas tendrían que haber competido entre ellos. Pero en la vida real para conseguir tu felicidad no necesitas competir contra nadie?