How come that idiot’s rich and I’m not? – Robert Shemin

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Remember, Rich Idiots never think or say “I can’t”.  They ask “How can I ?”.  Take the word Can’t out of your vocabulary.

Real wealth is time. Time to spend with your loved ones. Time to go on a 3 month vacations. Time to give back to those who have less.

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Forgiveness is the firs step to cleaning out old stuff and making room for new wealth to come pouring in. Forgiveness is a daily cleanser, preparing your spirit for the riches to come.  Also don’t forget to forgive yourself.

My Commit Script:

I commit to filling my life with wealth.
I commit to filling my life with happiness.
I commit to being bold.
I commit to taking positive actions.
I commit to a new result.

The most important goal is: What activity am I going to do today?

Remember: Buy assets first because they bring you money.  Buy liabilities second because they cost you money.

Remember: Money is time, with money you can “buy” time.

What is more important the idea or the execution?  The execution! Everybody has ideas.  You must do something daily to bring you closer to your goals.

Link to book on Amazon: How come that idiot’s rich and I’m not? – Robert Shemin

L’independance finnanciere grace a l’immobilier – Jacques Lepine

L’independance finnanciere grace a l’immobilierL’independance finnanciere grace a l’immobilier – Jacques Lepine

“Vous ne pouvez jamais en savoir trop”  –  On n’a jamais trop d’argent.. ( pour faire affaires ) M. Tasse.

Benefices fundamentaux a tout bon investissement:  Les Revenus, La Croissance, La Capitalisation, Les Avantages Fiscaux, Le Effet Levier.

Cartes De Affaires: Je suis un investisseur immobilier, j’achete et vend des immeubles. Je ne suis pas un agent immobilier. Je suis un investisseur prive.

Les ingredients d’une aubaine:

1. La propriete est sous evalue.
2. Potentiel d’amelioration.
3. Loyer trop bas.
4. Despenses trop elevees.
5. L’utilization peut etre changee.
6. Peut etre achete avec peu comptant.

Ojo P155.  Service d’enquete pre location.

Courtiers Immobiliers:

Courtiers Hypotecaires:



The Question Behind the Question – QBQ – John Miller

The question behind the question
The Question Behind the Question – John Miller

“When are the customers going to learn to read the menu?” Those are negative questions that do not solve any problem.  We have to make better choices in the moment by making better questions:  “What can I do to make a difference?”

Procrastination is the friend of failure: Let’s take care of the little things while they are still little: “I knew the glass needed to be put away, and doing so would have taken no more than a few minutes.  But I put it off and put it off, until finally it exploded into what could have been a catastrophe”.

“A poor sailor blames the wind”, “A poor worker blames the tools”.

It’s not about “us” vs “them or “why did they overbook the plane?” or “who dropped the ball?”.  The better question is “What can I do right now to make a difference?”

Link to book on Amazon: The Question Behind the Question – John Miller